From catwalks to sidewalks

What can we learn from street style?

As a fashion blogger, you can say that it’s my obligation to follow fashion weeks around the world. Whether it is to keep up to date with the latest trends, to find inspiration for my next blog post, to see the ‘new faces’ in the industry or to be a sartorial stalker.

My article will tackle the latter – the phenomenon known as ‘street style’. In today’s fashion industry, no one is more influential than the fashion blogger, the influencer. Blogs have become aspirational platforms that people follow and lust for and in my opinion, trends are no longer made on catwalks, but rather, on the streets.

The biggest names at the moment are Chiara Ferragni of ‘The Blonde Salad’, KristinaBazan of ‘Kayture’ and Camille Charriere of ‘Camille over the rainbow’. The newly crowned arbiters of style are opinion leaders to the millions who follow them on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites.

So you’re probably wondering, what do they have to offer? What can we learn from them that we can’t get from the catwalks?

While designers are the creators of fashion, most of the time you have very few occasions when you can wear items straight off the catwalk, and that is if you can afford to spend a small fortune. Fashion bloggers take what has been shown on the runways and make it accessible to everyone else. They offer high street examples to imitate and illustrate how we can style the latest trends.

“ The newly crowned arbiters of style are opinion leaders to the millions who follow them on Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites ”

Tip #1 – Break the rules.

Don’t stick to the cliché rules. Fashion is an art, which is in constant flux so rules don’t apply.

Tip #2 – Experiment with

colors and textures. No you don’t have to stick to one color or two but color blocking is something I like to do at times. Blend leathers, suede, cottons, cashmere and silks for a rich feel. Mix it up!

Tip #3 – Layer it up.

If anything bloggers show you how possible it is to layer up and look chic and effortless. And in a climate like ours where the temperature changes in a matter of minutes, layering is a skill you should master.

Tip #4 – Forever and ever

amen, not! Just because you have a certain style doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try on different things. Style evolves the way you do, so allow it to transform.

Tip #5 – Appreciate, don’t

imitate. Style is so personal, yes by all means get inspired by other people but make it your own and don’t copy. That’s the beauty of fashion-it’s a representation of yourself. A few years ago celebrities were the leaders of fashion, recently fashion bloggers took their place. As each day passes the people on the street are becoming more important to the fashion industry, so there’s no better time to showcase your style than now.

Emma Camilleri