Lunchboxes in Cherry Condition

Fruity Lunchboxes

Coming up with fresh lunchboxes is not easy, especially when fruit is involved. Good care is to be secured in order to ensure safe consumption of the fruit; and when that is to be carried out by a child, it could become a completely hilarious mission.

Get fruity at home

To make fruit one of the most essential ingredients in a child’s daily diet, the kid must first perceive fruit in a positive light. Being original and innovative by cutting out the fruit in appealing pieces could make the young ones perceive it as a thing that really and truly can belong to their world. The bright colours are something you should take extra advantage of, and whilst watermelons, apples, and pineapples could all be cut in a variety of shapes – including flowers, insects and cars- bananas, kiwi, strawberries, oranges and grapes could all be useful in contributing to a larger design, such as a 2-D image of a cat, or a 3-D truck.

Get Fruity at Home

First impressions

Many children have a gloomy relationship with school, and providing them with ugly food in even more ugly boxes could put them off even more. Make sure they carry the fruits in an attractive insulating box and vary their fruity lunch boxes frequently with seasoned fruit for a wider assortment in colour and flavour.

Prolong the freshness

Maintaining fresh fruit at home is one thing, but ensuring that the very same fruit remains fresh while on the go, is another. The child is expected to keep his/her lunch well preserved for some 3 or 4 hours – not a smooth task to achieve when the fruit is kept on banging from one side of the bag to another. Fruit portions are to be kept in one separate box and preferably consumed on their own without being mixed with protein, starches or any other kind of vegetable. Consider getting a bento box. The colourful and intelligently placed compartments could easily act as the basis for a game of how many portions are left until they get them all, apart from being an excellent tool that separates the different foods adequately.

There is no such thing as a fruit replacer

Dried fruit packs or organic fruity snacks can never have the same benefits as fresh fruit. In fact they are usually made up of considerable amounts of sugar and syrups, apart from having a huge concentration of artificial preservatives and carbohydrates to make them last longer.

Steer the fruit away from the box

Although the prospect of having a fruity lunch suggests solid fruits within solid containers, one benefit of fruit is the possibility of having it blended – an ingenious opportunity to preserve the fruit and spare any bruises or battering. Furthermore, it makes the fruit a little bit more attractive to the kid, apart from making frozen fruit another possibility. One way to preserve the fruit is by freezing it in small pieces well sealed in plastic bags – make sure to first immerse the fruit in steaming water, in order to avoid loss of flavour, colour and texture.

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