Getting Camera Ready Nails is Easier Than you May Think

Hands are a vital part of the way we communicate, so much so that many people have a tendency to use hand gestures to accompany most of their statements. They are so important that we have included them and their actions in a lot of common phrases such as ‘wrapping your head around an idea’ or ‘taking a hands-on approach’. In certain cases, the hands are essential enough to replace voiced communication when sound is lacking; the hands do all of the interacting through sign language. The upkeep of such an essential part of the body is therefore quite crucial.

If you get into the habit of looking at people’s nails within any given room, you will notice that at least one woman will have long, artificial nails. Now do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that; in fact, many women care so much about the appearance of their nails that they look forward to visiting their nail technician once a month to get their nails done. The point is that they have become extremely popular in Malta and as time progresses their popularity only seems to be increasing.

While making a monthly appointment to get gel or acrylics applied to your nails is becoming a routine for many, it is a well known fact that these artificial materials do not do wonders for the health of your nails; they might make them brittle or weak if you ever decide to go natural again. Opting out of artificial nails will leave the fate of your nails entirely in your hands; it is up to you to ensure that your nails are in tip-top shape. All we can do from our end is give you some very basic tips to consider that could help you properly maintain your nails.

Spotless Hands

spotless hands

Your hands and nails should be kept completely dirt free. One way of enforcing this is to get an old tooth brush, apply some soap and scrub scrub scrub; this will serve as the perfect exfoliating opportunity to get rid of any unwanted dead skin. Hand washes which are clear and translucent are usually anti-bacterial, and while they serve a purpose and fulfil it with greatcare, they also result in dry skin. To keep your skin soft and moist, use milky hand washes.

Rubber Gloves

rubber gloves

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but wearing diamonds will do no good if your hands are all wrinkly and dry. If diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend, then rubber gloves would be the protective big brother that keeps the hands away from all potential harm. The chemicals used while cleaning can be very strong and damaging to the hands and nails, which automatically makes them more prone to becoming weaker. Hot water makes the skin dry and weakens the nail, while exposure to cold temperatures makes hands flaky and scaly. Wearing rubber nails can easily prevent all of this.

Trim Regularly

trim nails

Just as your hair needs regular trimming to maintain its health and vitality, so do your nails. Every two weeks, time should be set aside for you to clip your nails. Longer nails accumulate dirt under their surface. Keeping them clipped will not only prevent infections, but will also prevent in-grown nails and will prevent them from getting damaged.

DO NOT Cut Off your Cuticles


Contrary to popular belief, your cuticles should never be removed as they act as barriers against infection; removing them will make your nails more prone to related diseases. Now if you can’t stand to look at them, there are various things that you can do! You can apply cuticle cream (which you can get for an affordable price at your local pharmacy) and gently push them back. Once you got that out of the way, make sure to massage them with a cuticle cream or a thick lotion.

Give Them a Break!

give them a break

Good looking nails are a must for some, and we completely understand, but our recommendation is to save the elaborate nail art and bold colours for the weekend. During the week, you should give them some well needed breathing room. Going from one strong polish to the next is likely to dry your nails out and turn them yellow, as the acetone found in polish weakens the nail bed. Look at it this way, nude colours are really in right now, so by opting for a natural looking soft colour you will be keeping up with the latest fashion trends.