Getting the Most (free things) Out of UOM Freshers

Freshers Week

For many new and returning university students, Fresher’s week means enjoying a week of bustling University activity, catching up with friends you haven’t seen for over three months, making new ones, and trying to gain some ground on this overwhelmingly new scholastic experience. For me, it means something completely different. In my perspective, Freshers is the one week in the academic calendar where I attempt to get so much free notebooks, pens and things in general, that I will not need to set foot inside a stationery for the rest of the year.

After four years of trying out different ways, I believe I have perfected the method and can provide some useful tips and tricks of how you can manage to literally get the most out of your freshers experience … for free 🙂

The Early Bird Catches the Worm

The good stuff is taken out at the beginning of the day, mostly at around 10 a.m, when the stands are at their peak due to students visiting for information. Going on the first two days is crucial; this will not only allow you to visit the same stalls more than once without raising suspicion, but will allow you to get different things. What they give on the first day is usually different than what they give out on the second.

It’s About Give and Take … or is it?

Your valid e-mail address is a highly valued possession in Freshers week, everyone will be asking for it, but … you must always play hard to get. This is why I have come up with an inexistent e-mail address which I always distribute in such cases. My interest lies less in being invited to the next Uni organisation event, and more to do with not spending money on writing utensils throughout the year, so this comes in really handy. It uses my name and surname as to not look suspicious, but it does not exist, allowing me to get all the free things without the added spam that follows.

It’s Only a White Lie…

In freshers week, it is important to leave your scholastic identity behind. You are not the person following a B.A English Hons course. You need to be flexible with what you are studying because there may be cases where you might suddenly become an I.T student if it means getting a pen which also serves as a stylus if you turn it around. Your course description needs to be as flexible as your morals; everything goes.

Pick your Battles

You need to understand that this is a cut throat type of business and there will be many others like you attempting to get as much free things as they possibly can. Many people will line up for the essential KSU freshers pack in the first 2 days, wasting a good 20 minutes in line. If you get your pack at the end of the week, it will still be there; the good stuff at the stalls on the other hand will be long gone. Bigger stalls obviously have better things, but great treasures can be found from the small ones too, so make sure to visit each and every one.

Last year, I got a total of 16 pens, five note pads, a diary, two bookmarks, a ruler, three packs of sticky notes, shampoo (yes, shampoo), two USBS, a few stress balls, a cloth to clean my glasses with and a few other bits and bobs.

But no matter the outcome, Freshers is a great experience for anyone old and new returning to Uom, so whether or not your aim is to free load as much stuff as you can, you should definitely make it a point to visit.

Just go out there and get great things! And may the odds be ever in your favour.

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