After all that hype and excitement surrounding the Christmas season, the aftermath can leave us feeling down in the dumps. The first month of a new year should be chock-full of optimism and cheer, which is why we put together a few tips to get over those post-Christmas blues as quickly as possible.

Take Down your Decorations

Traditionally speaking, the Christmas tree should be taken down on the Twelfth Night, that is, the twelfth day after Christmas. Taking them down before or after is considered to be bad luck. Whether you actually want to follow this tradition is up to you, but decorations should never be left beyond the first week of January. They are a stark reminder of the holidays that passed and they only serve to dampen your mood. If you’re a fan of decorations, you might want to introduce an upbeat note to this dismal task by planning decorations for the next feast: glittery hearts dangling from the ceiling anyone?

Do Exercise

people hiking in a forest

We all know our favourite activity during the Christmas season: sit down and eat! As we gobble down everything that nanna spoons on our plate, any sort of physical activity is thrown out of the window. The fact that the weather is colder makes us even less likely to get up early or stay out late to do exercise. In reality, exercise is more than a way to shed those few extra kilos. It is scientifically proven that exercising, even for a short while, releases endorphins; the chemicals responsible for that feeling of calm and happiness. January’s cool air is the perfect time to go for a hike, a walk in the countryside, or stroll on a beach. Consider going to scenic places like Dingli Cliffs and Fomm ir-Riħ to make the most of your experience.

Eat Healthier

Ever wonder why we get tired, moody, and irritable after a big meal? Regulating blood sugar during an over-consumption of food can depress our immune systems. We also spike our insulin levels when we eat, only for the blood sugar levels to come crashing down a few hours later. After overindulging in greasy, party food over the holidays, it’s essential that we go back to limiting our portions and start opting for healthier alternatives. Do this gradually, as doing it all at once can be too big a shock on your system and you’ll likely end up worse than when you started. Start inserting one vegetable or fruit a day into your meals and slowly add to that.

Plan Fun Events

a man practising archery

The Christmas holidays are filled to the brim with dinners, parties, picnics and gatherings. Come January, and you’re on a sofa all alone, drowning your sorrows in wine and back-to-back episodes. While there’s nothing wrong with binge-watching (long live Netflix!), some events to look forward to are always a plus. Try out something new and exciting, like exciting or horse riding. If you’re a culture buff, plan a cultural visit to a historic fort such as Fort St Angelo or the Red Tower.

Go on Holiday

someone in front of an airplane waiting to go on holiday

What better way to beat the post-Christmas blues than to go on holiday? January sales also include huge reductions on flights, making holidays in January a cheaper option than holidays during the peak festive season. These special offers and deals should make your trip a cheap getaway; an absolute necessity considering our dire financial situation after the Christmas festivities!