Goodbye UOM – Thanks for the Memories

University of Malta

As University freshers is about to start in a week or so, I find myself contemplating a very interesting fact. For the first time from since I could ever remember, I don’t have to physically attend school. I do not have to get up at 6 a.m and leave by 6.30 in hopes, that if I am lucky enough, I will avoid most of the traffic on the way and find parking in the Gateway area. I don’t have to rush over to a lecture after work, mustering enough energy to pay attention to whatever the lecturer is saying after having worked a 6 hour shift. What a strange sensation.

In all honesty, it has not kicked in yet. The transition is going to be easier; having finished the first year of my M.A while simultaneously working has definitely helped me ease into a working lifestyle and out of a student one. However, I am still unable to process the fact that for the first time in 18 years, I have no particular reason or obligation to set foot inside a school. I must say, my post-secondary days were particularly good to me. I met a lot of new people, got to experience so many new things and all in all grew. There are things that I am definitely going to miss… but there are others I could not be happier about getting rid of.

I will miss:

  • Going into Quad and instantly spotting someone you know having coffee at the old bench or new coffee circus area.
  • The Convenience. feel like a burger? New York’s best. A healthy snack, fruit or quick lunch? Health shop, Food and Food. Pizza? Spuntino, Pizza by Luca. Subway, Posh, Pastizzerias and on desperate occasions, the canteen. University life truly leaves you wanting for nothing in terms of food.
  • Lectures. Funnily enough, I will miss the idea of sitting down and listening to someone talk as opposed to having to carry out specific working tasks myself.
  • Accessibility of friends. Let’s be honest, you may have some pretty great workmates, but spending close to 5 years seeing and talking to people on a daily basis who you probably barely see anymore is definitely something that will hit you hard when you leave Uni.
  • Facebook course groups. When the going got though, unbreakable bonds were formed and precious information was desperately shared.

I will not miss:

  • Parking problems. I have come to love sleeping in for that extra 15 minutes. Something which I never did during my Uni days in sheer terror of having to park so far away, that walking to and fro my car would be considered a good cardio workout.
  • The all nighters. Most of us did not distribute their work flow throughout the year, so all nighters were a common thing to pull through January and June.
  • 6 pm Friday lectures. Need I say anything more?
  • Knowing that I can live a whole month off of 80 euro including petrol, food and going out has taught me a set of frugality skills that I hope I will never have to use.
  • The weight I gained during my thesis writing period. Goodbye and good riddance.

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