Your Guide to Buying a Waterfront Property


Owning a property overlooking Malta’s crystal blue seas is a dream that many of us have. With property value on a steady increase, buying a property in front of the sea has never looked better. Undeniably, one of Malta’s greatest assets is its shoreline and investing in any of its water front properties is nothing less than a smart decision.

Here are five tips which will help you on your venture of becoming a seafront property owner.

1. Consider your finances
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that properties found on the sea front have a higher investment value than your typical three-bedroom apartment in a central location. Yes you will be spending more, but keep in mind that with these types of properties, you are buying so much more than just a place to live in. Buying a water front property means that you are paying for spectacular views, a newly found opportunity to showcase your new bikini and a stable long term investment – this type of housing is always on the increase property value wise.

2. Enjoy the benefits
The relaxing atmosphere, breathtaking sunrise, mesmerising sunsets and proximity of nature are but a few of the daily experiences that await you when investing in a water front property. There is nothing more fundamental to human health than breathing fresh air; it is a well-known fact that the closer you are to the sea, the fresher the air is. After a tough day’s work, there is nothing more de-stressing than enjoying a quick swim in the calm and rejuvenating atmosphere generated by the Maltese waters or a nice walk along the promenade, whether you want to break a sweat or just take a relaxing stroll.

3. Don’t judge a book by its cover
Since the property is in front of the sea, it is likely to experience more elemental effects than your average home. This means that in cases where you are considering buying a seaside property, inspections are imperative. Make sure that the property contains no water intrusion issues; long-term peace of mind is well worth the minimal expense of the inspection. Given the value that such properties have, and the money you will be investing, it is imperative to make sure that your property is in perfect shape so that you can enjoy the greatest amount of benefits.

4. Location! Location! Location!
As beaches in Malta are quite popular with tourists and locals alike, owning a property in front of the sea means that you can try out a number of different cuisines thanks to the endless amount of restaurants, meet up and have a chat with the gals at the corner co ee shops and conveniently do the shopping at one of the many mini markets across the road. The location also guarantees open magnificent views of some of Malta’s most beautiful towers and forts situated along the sea line, perfect for enjoying with guests over a glass of wine on the veranda. This makes waterfront properties a prestigious possession to have that will reap a great number of benefits in the long run.

5. The right real estate agent
Choosing the right property can prove to be a diffcult feat unless you get the right kind of help from experienced property agents. Knowing that the properties you are viewing have already been approved by a reliable agent makes the searching process less strenuous and more convenient.

To own a property overlooking Malta’s crystal blue seas is a dream that many locals and prospective residents hold. With years of experience within the real estate industry CENTURY 21® will guide you and assist you in the home buying, selling or renting process, whatever your dream.
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