Health Benefits of Wine

The fact that a moderate intake of wine, the key word here being moderate, is beneficial is something which many probably already know. God knows how many times we have used this fact as an excuse to ourselves, trying to convince our bodies that the 5th glass of wine we are about to consume is going to do more benefit than harm. Unfortunately, a moderate amount of wine entails no more than two glasses measuring 4-ounces of wine each per day; in reality the recommended dosage is one glass per day, so if one glass just doesn’t cut it for you, here’s a loophole.

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A moderate amount of wine per day can yield numerous health benefits:

Live Longer


If you’re a wine lover, we have great news. A tribe in Ikaroo was noted to have a longer life span after a thorough study of their way of life was run; their secret? They drank wine on a daily basis. Research undertaken by Harvard medical school showed that resveratrol, an antioxidant found prominently in red wine, activates a protein within the body that promotes health and longevity in animal models. A further study conducted by Finnish researches took 2,500 men and studied their habits over a 29 year period; they found that moderate wine drinkers had a 34% lower mortality rate.

Think Better


The reservatrol found in wine does more than help you live longer; it has also been shown to improve short term memory. Research has found that consumption of substances which contain it increases retention of words and provides faster performances in the part of the brain which is associated with forming memories. A study conducted by Columbia University showed that brain function tends to decline at a faster rate in non-drinkers than in moderate wine drinkers. For an even better effect, take time to work out some puzzles while sipping a glass of wine; it is one of the most relaxing form of training you’ll probably do in your life.

Reduce your Risk of Cancer


Research conducted by the University of Crete in Greece has shown that the phenolic compounds found within wine slow down the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells. French scientists have also found that resveratrol can hinder liver cancer cells from acting in the body. Human cancer cells that were dosed with resveratrol immediately experienced a decrease in function with regard to the key cancer-feeding protein. A research conducted by Stony Brook university over a number of 4,000 participants concluded that a moderate intake of red wine cuts the risk of colon cancer by 45%! At this point, you’re probably on your way to the closest supermarket; well hold your horses, we’re not done yet.

Fight off the Common Cold


The antioxidants found within wine help keep you healthy, especially come winter when everywhere you look, someone is sniffling his way through the common cold. A study completed in 2010 looked at 4,000 faculty members across five universities and found that those who drank a moderate amount of red wine throughout a period of one year were 40% less likely to come up with a cold when compared to beer and spirit drinkers. This is believed to be due to the fact that the antioxidants within help lower inflammation and reduce symptoms of the cold.

Be Happier


While we are well aware that drinking wine tends to bring joy to some, we decided that we needed some science to back us up just in case some of you are still not convinced. 2,700 men and 3,000 women between the ages of 50 and 80 were asked to complete a food frequency questionnaire over a period of seven years on a monthly basis. Details of this study was then gathered by a University in Spain where it was brought to light that men and women who drank two to seven glasses of wine per week were less likely to be diagnosed with depression over those who drank less.

Do we really need to say anything more?