Hiding Blemishes with Coloured Concealers

For years, concealers have been the saving grace for people struggling to hide skin-problem areas. Thanks to the concealer, we’re able to hide everything from zits and dark circles to elaborate tattoos, as well as highlight cheekbones and eyes.

The latest makeup craze is multiple colour correcting. What is this?

Concealers no longer come in only skin tone shades. Instead, there are many different colours (green, purple, pink, yellow, white, etc.). Each shade has a specific issue they are best suited to conceal and if you have several spots on your face that you struggle with, then understanding colour-correcting concealers can be a total game changer.

Colour correcting makeup works largely through cancelling out its opposite as explained here.


helps to eliminate yellow or green undertones. These tones are ideal for brightening overly dull/sallow skin. Like all colour-correcting makeup, it should be applied first and blended into the skin, and then layered under your regular foundation.


works well to cover bluish-green tones such as veins and purple under-eye circles.


works best to even out the skin tone and clear up red tones. This can also be used for hiding dark circles and veins on light skin tones.


masks any redness on the skin. It is commonly used to balance out rosacea, sunburn, blemishes/spots, and acne scars.


are used to highlight the face, especially if your skin has yellow undertones. Using a few different colours, you can hide any imperfections and really make your face glow.