Hot Summer Hair Styles

Spring and summer 2016 was awash with brand new hair cuts, styles, colours and accessories. Both on the catwalk and backstage, we witnessed a lot of new trends and the return of some classic favourites.

1. Sleek Almost Glass Like Straight Hair
Straight Hair
This season saw the return of super straight locks, so sleek they were almost glass-like. SS16 is officially the time to ditch your curling tongs and reach for those long-forgotten straightening irons. Styles were kept in place at Sibling with high-shine hairbands. Having sleek straight sexy hair can be almost impossible due to our high humidity in our hot summer months. Hassle not and achieve this season shot sleek hair trend by having the New Ultra smooth Treatment done at DSalon. This summer’s must-have.

2. Alice Bands
Alice Bands

The humble Alice band was also brought back with a twist, with designers such as Dolce & Gabbana opting for gorgeous decorated gold headpieces.

3. Buzzcut

The biggest (and boldest) cut of the season? The buzzcut. Only for the brave, this style was debuted at shows such as Saint Laurent. Achieve the look the right way – it should come teamed with colour and the key is not too have it ‘skin visible’ short. Best to have it done at a salon for the best finish to achieve the look. The look was given an extra edge at Gucci with oversized sunglasses and high collared necklines.

4. Low Sleek Pony
Low Sleek Pony

Straight hair was not only left loose, but was also tied up into low, sleek ponytails. Some of the best examples were at Oscar De La Renta. Achieve this sleek finish, gorgeous texture and shine by getting yourself the original Californian Brazilian Blowout Treatment for the hot summer months. This treatment will keep your hair looking fab throughout the humid summer months as well as strengthening your hair! The sleek low pony is a simple chic and stylish summer trend to wear to weddings.

5. Dutch Braids
Dutch Braids

Gorgeous plaits and braids were everywhere this season, too. Just take a look at this impressive double French plait, spotted backstage at Giles!

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