Your cat isn’t the friendliest of creatures; it doesn’t really like to be picked up or extensively petted. You do not own a cat, a cat owns you. Regardless of this, nothing beats the feeling of getting back home, picking up your cat and forcing a great big hug on the clearly unamused creature. Today is Hug your Cat Day, but there are much better ways of showing your cat some love.

Slow Blinks and Half-Closed Eyes

These two are the equivalent of kisses in the feline world. If your cat slowly closes their eyes whenever you’re staring at each other’s face, it’s a sign of extreme comfort. Reciprocating from your part will definitely send a strong message of affection to your furry companion.

Take a Nap Together

This strengthens the trust between you two. If your cat is willing to stay by your side at their most vulnerable (during their sleep), it means that they feel safe around you. Curling up next to them and taking a nap will exchange a mutual level of trust which they can recognise and appreciate.

Everyone Loves a Treat

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Your cat is definitely no exception here. Make a big deal out of opening the bag and feeing it to them to make them feel like it’s a special activity, making it all the more enjoyable. Just make sure to reduce the amount of dry food if you’ve given treats; over-feeding does more harm than good.

Groom your Cat

Only to an extent that they allow. Cats spend 50% of their waking time grooming themselves, and lending a hand is an appreciated gesture. Watch out for signs that show what your cat will tolerate; most cats will allow you to groom away given that you use the proper tools in a gentle manner.

Play with your Cat

Play Time is probably your best bet. Sharing quality time together, doing something that your cat adores is an irreplaceable way of showing affection. Typically speaking, cats like to chase things and climb, so figure out what it is that your cat loves and spend some time each day doing it. Bonus: it’s a great way of keeping your cat active.

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