Lip Lockers

There is nothing worse than having to keep your favorite lip products in every bag and every pocket due to fear of fading lip color.









To give the illusion of a fuller pout 

Apply a dab of gloss to the top part of your Cupid’s bow and to the center of the bottom of your lip.

There are lip colours out there that are matte or long stay or just really dry and hard to wear. You have to make sure you prep and wear it with lip gloss and check throughout the day to make sure it’s not flaking off. So if you’re unsure, start with colours that go on soft and feel silky smooth.

Here are some tips to help your lipstick last longer, let’s admit it, nobody enjoys touching up their lipstick five times a day

The first, most important tip for lasting lip colour is to make sure you have smooth, clean lips. Exfoliating your lips is important for removing excess oils and dead skin. Simply apply a heavy coat of Vaseline to your lips and let it sit for at least one minute. Use a toothbrush with soft bristles and brush your lips in a circular motion for one minute.

But, it turns out that the secret to great lipstick truly is what you wear underneath it. Create a base for your lip product. This can be done in several ways. When putting on foundation, make sure to apply it over your lips as well or use concealer to prime your lips. Not only does this help remove the natural pigments of your lips for truer lipstick colours, but it can also help you realise where your lip lines actually are. This works especially well when using a nude lip color. Lastly, you can use a lip liner to create a base by outlining your lips and then filling in the rest of the lip with the liner as well.

The best trick is to apply your lipstick, then blot and repeat this process until you have created your own lip stain!

Remember, light colors reflect light, so using lighter lip colors will give a fuller
appearance. Dark colors absorb light, so they will make lips look smaller/thinner.

Diandra Mattei