Back-to-school wardrobe staples

Believe it or not, it’s September already! The summer days have gone by with a blink of an eye and it’s almost time to pack our bags every sleepy morning and head back to school. A number of you will be starting your scholastic year in a different background and setting, be it sixth form or University

In my shopaholic mind, this only means one thing – fashion worries! Gone are the days when all you needed to stress about is running to your guardian about having a creased uniform! Although a uniform prohibits any form of creativity to your sense of style, I bet you’ll end up missing it for a split of a second when you’re rummaging through your wardrobe, trying to find something decent to wear.

So here’s a tip for you: Make sure to plan your outfit the night before to minimise the morning hassle. On the plus side, you’ll also get that extra five to 10 minutes sleep!

Before you start going into panic mode a month ahead and run for the shops with the excuse of having nothing to wear (admit it, we’ve all been there), here are a few back-to school wardrobe staples which will be your knights in shining armour this scholastic year!

Get your basics straight

My motto is ‘when in doubt, where white/black’. Having a few basic pieces is essential in anyone’s wardrobe, especially that belonging to a somewhat stressed student. Nothing beats a white/black t-shirt with a comfortable pair of jeans. You are one of the lucky ones to be living in a time where normcore (normal looking clothing) is all the fashionistas can talk about. Get yourself comfortable! It’s no use buying a pair of skinny jeans which you can’t breathe in, let alone walk in them from one class to another. My favourite jeans at the moment are a pair of MOM jeans. They are both stylish and laidback, making them perfect for the long days ahead.

Layer on

I know it’s still scorching hot and just thinking about getting out your winter clothes from the back of your closet will make you sweat but it’s important to think ahead. Autumn/Winter will be here in no time and you wouldn’t want to end up with nothing to wear either. There is no better way to express your creativity than layering. There’s no shame in wearing the same jumper twice but if you’re not too keen on the idea, you can always wear a denim shirt underneath the sweater to have that extra collar detail. Top it off with a patterned scarf on chillier days and there you have it…three outfit ideas!

It’s raining men! 

Let’s face it, when it finally rains in Malta we rarely get a few drizzles. Rain is normally accompanied by heavy wind which in turn means a lot of gonetoo- soon umbrellas. Therefore, I like being prepared with a good raincoat in my bag. Just before you reject this idea, thinking that I’m talking about those horrid plastic raincoats in white, grey or yellow, there are some very cute alternatives out there.

Heaven for your feet

The truth is you’ll probably try your hardest to wear that little bit of a wedged heel for a first impressions boost. Brace yourself; you’ll soon get tired of watching your every move and being careful of every step you take. Therefore, you need to be equipped with a comfortable pair of shoes when this starts to kick in. Fortunately for you, trainers are a big hit right now. It doesn’t get any more basic than that. Another shoe essential is a good pair of boots. When the heavy rain starts pouring, you wouldn’t want to be the one sheltering yourself till the rain dies down all because you decided to wear your ballet pumps on that miserable day!

It’s a bag’s world

Last but not least, bags! Some might prefer a handbag while others might want to indulge themselves in a chic looking backpack. Take your pick, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for a handbag, keep in mind that you’ll be carrying this around all day so make sure it is adequate for that purpose. If you’re more into backpacks, I suggest you go for one that contains a base colour together with a little bit of pattern. So before you go crazy with your back-to-school shopping, take a look at your current wardrobe and make a check-list of all these things. If you don’t own any/some of these items, then that’s definitely your starting point!

Happy Shopping!

Lyndsey Grima