Christmas Countdown and your Christmas spirit!

have often heard people moan that here is no more Christmas spirit around. Well, actually, I was the first one to grumble and state that Christmas is no longer as it used to be when I was a child.

I mostly put it down to growing up, concluding that the Christmas spirit was all about innocence and Santa Claus, Midnight Mass and the placing of Baby Jesus into his crib on Christmas morning, not to mention the exciting mound of presents beneath the Christmas tree!

I thought the excitement would creep back when I had kids of my own, but guess what; it didn’t. Not until I decided to do something about it, that is!

After all, life is what you make of it, and I was determined to get my Christmas spirit back, along with the excitement and happiness Christmas brings with it!

So if you feel like there isn’t enough festivity surrounding you, read on, and create your own Christmas spirit and some new memories, which you will cherish in the years to come!

Home Decor

Stopping at decorating your Christmas tree will excite you for a couple of days, but that will soon wear off. I mean it does look pretty and all, but it’s just there, staring at you motionlessly, creating no atmosphere whatsoever.

It is up to you to create the atmosphere and in reality it is very simple. Burning candles with wintry scents for instance, such as cinnamon and sweet spices, creates a cosy atmosphere, not to mention the flicker of the candle, which makes your room light up like a relaxing haven.

Soft Christmas music in the background adds to the atmosphere. Go a step further and bake your own Christmas sweets, rather than just popping into the shops to buy them. Not only are they more satisfying to eat but they will also add to the excitement and preparations for Christmas.

In fact, taking the time to stop from dashing around like a mad person from shop to shop and create your own treats and decorations to add much more value to this feast, and you will be surprised at the world of a difference it makes.



Taking the time to stop at cosy little coffee shops, sipping hot chocolate and having a chat with your loved ones and friends, rather than frantically going through shelves to see what your significant other would like for Christmas, not only de-stresses you, but actually adds to the real value or this feast.

Popping over to Valletta simply to admire the decorations and having a casual stroll around the shops whilst actually enjoying the carols being played, rather than seeing them as a distracting nuisance, is what Christmas is all about! Try to plan your Christmas shopping over numerous trips to different locations, rather than cramming the shopping to the last minute, and getting it done all under one roof. This allows you to also wrap your presents slowly, on different evenings, hence watching your tree fill up slowly and adding to the Christmas excitement.

Festivities and Celebrations

Don’t skip Christmas events around our towns and villages! Sipping mulled wine on cold evenings whilst wrapped up in warm coats is, I’ve found, one of the most Chrismass-y feelings ever!

And stop worrying about which restaurant to go to for New Year’s day lunch! Don’t worry if everywhere is already fully booked; you can easily whip up an intimate little party at yours and have twice the fun, believe me! Gourmet cooking is not a must but don’t skip the massive turkey (unless you’re vegetarian of course), because Christmas is all about tradition.

And if you’re of the Catholic faith, Midnight Mass is definitely one event you don’t want to miss. An early breakfast of bacon and eggs is of course the perfect ending to such a lovely function!

Basically, Christmas, like everything else in life, is what you make of it. It is you who decides if there is Christmas spirit in the air, and with a little bit of forward planning and personal involvement, you can rest assured that Christmas will again be that special feast you look forward to year after year. May I take the opportunity to wish you all a blessed and Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year full of love, health and joy!


Davina Gouder