Easy holiday makeup

We love the holidays; parties, glitzy nights out and glamour! And there are so many different ways to play with your makeup this time of year!

I will be showing you a step-by-step tutorial on how to achieve that glamour party look. Since we are going to be using glitter, I suggest starting with the eye makeup instead of the face makeup, as there might be glitter fall out.

Step 1: Brows

Fill your brows using an eyebrow powder and brush through them to help the powder blend.Step 1_opt

Step 2: Eyes

Start off by applying a medium brown shade to the upper crease area. This shade will help with the blending once we start adding more colors to the eye makeup. Apply a shimmery eye shadow to the mobile eyelid – for this particular look I chose a gold shimmery shade.


Step 3: Liner

Apply a creamy black liner to the water line and smudge to create the outer V-shape to the eyes. This shape will help elongate the eyes and give them a natural lifting effect. Once all the smudging is done, apply a liquid liner over the water line to intensify the darkness.


Step 4: Lower lashline

Whenever you are going for a dramatic look, I suggest applying a creamy eye pencil to the lower lashline. Smudging the eye pencil is essential as this will eliminate harsh lines.Untitled

Step 5: Mascara

Apply mascara to the top and bottom lashes.Step 5_opt

Step 6: Glitter

Glitter is an essential for the holidays! I applied a glitter liner over the mobile eyelid as this will have less fallout than normal glitter.Step 6_opt

Step 7: Cheeks

Apply bronzer to the outer perimeters of the face and apply a plum blush to the apples of the cheeks.

Step 7A_optStep 7B_opt

Step 8: Highlighter

Adding a highlight to the top of the cheeks will give you that Kim Kardashian glow. This is absolutely beautiful as it creates that ‘’healthy skin’’ appearance.Step 8_opt

Step 9: Lips

Since the holidays are just round the corner, we chose this bright red lip color to go with this festive look.Step 9_opt

Step 10: Lashes

Since we want this look to be glamorous, we decided to add false eyelashes. Since the model has long lashes, I applied a few individual eyelashes to each eye. Individual eyelashes are lightweight and seem more natural than a full band of lashes.Step 10_opt

Leanne Mallia