Get threaded – a new technique in hair removal

Many people are raving about the new hair removal method known as threading. So I decided to go London and see what this was all about… I just might have found my next favorite thing.

Threading is a temporary hair removal technique, used mostly on eyebrows, the upper and lower lips, cheeks, and chin. The name is derived from the cotton threads that are twisted to pull the hair from the root.

Though this method of hair removal has become fashionable only recently in the western world, it is actually an ancient form of hair removal originating in India some 6,000 years ago.

A threading expert takes a thin cotton thread and twists it into a double strand, which then is swept along the skin. With rhythmic movement, the unwanted hairs are secured in the thread and lifted from the follicle with precision.


Why choose threading over waxing? 

Most clients agree that threading causes less discomfort than browwaxing. Because it targets individual hairs, threading keeps skin irritation to a minimum. Excessive pulling on delicate skin around the eyes is eliminated, and for those sensitive to waxing or depilatory products, there is no exposure to irritants.

Although tweezing also targets individual hairs, this technique makes it impossible to get every tiny hair. Threading, on the other hand allows for even the tiniest of hairs to be removed, leaving a smoother finish. It’s extremely sanitary. Nothing but the thread touches the skin, and it’s thrown away after use.

No chemicals are applied on the skin. When people have certain conditions or are taking medicines that conflicts with waxing, they may be able to turn to threading.

Temporary results can turn into permanent. Over time, frequent threading can cause the hair follicle to become damaged, and stop growing hair.

Diandra Mattei