The expert’s own

Whenever I’m called out to a photo shoot or wedding, I always get the same reaction and the inevitable question: “Oh my… Your make up case is massive! Is your personal make up case so big?” The short answer is no, it’s not. Far from it actually. It’s probably because as a make-up artist you can probably get away with the bare minimum, yet still looking like you can step onto a film set. Here is what you will find in my own make-up bag.

Make-up studio Face Prep SPF 30: This ‘magic in a bottle’ is a nourishing primer, which is applied under foundation. It contains UV filters and vitamin B for an optimal and special protection from light and sun, making this primer specifically helpful for people concerned with pigmentation, age spots and aging. Since it has a natural tint, it enhances the complexion by giving it a natural glow. I generally only use this product alone in the daytime as it’s light and doesn’t feel like it’s clogging my pores. It can also be used as a base before applying foundation.

If any odd spots or dark eye circles decide to surprise me, I’ll apply a little concealer without applying all over the face as I still like to keep it natural.

Make-up studio Compact Neutralizer (Red& Blue): A neutralizer and camouflage in one. The red neutralizer neutralizes and covers red blemishes and discolouration, whilst the blue neutralizes blue undertones such as dark circles around the eyes.

Stefania d’Alessandro mascara: After trying this, there was no turning back. This mascara takes you all the way from a daytime look to an evening look, without having to wash it out, and separates and lengthens the lashes without clumping them up.

Mac lipstick (Vegas Vault): This coral tone is my summer colour; a little lip stain in the morning and a heavier application for the evening look. Although it’s long lasting, lips remain moisturized.

Givenchy Quad Palette as a bronzer. This quad gives a nice, natural glowy finish. A little secret – I even use it as an eye shadow pallet as it contains my favourite colours!

MAC Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner: Extremely long lasting and will last all day.

Yes, even in our humid climate. So believe it or not that is what you will find in my little make-up case. Looking good doesn’t require much time just a little effort and in five minutes, you’re good to go.

Diandra Mattei