Like every year, when January comes along, all the interior design lovers have got only one big event saved on their calendar: MAISON&OBJET fair in Paris – which begins on 19 January and ends on the 23 January 2018.

In fact, since 1995, MAISON&OBJET has been the world’s foremost event for professionals of lifestyle, interior and design industries. Every edition brings together some 3,000 brands and more than 85,000 unique visitors – of which 50% hail from outside France. By promoting emerging talents, MAISON&OBJET presents the latest sources of inspiration and sheds insight into current and future trends.

What will characterise this unique design fair this year is not only the revelation of rising talents and original new creations, but also its “inspirations”. At each edition, the “Inspirations” theme provides an opportunity to investigate a strong new trend that gives an idea of what is to come: “Le thème d’Inspirations est toujours l’occasion de défricher une tendance forte qui préfigure l’air du temps” (cit.MOpresentation2018).

Following last year “Inspirations” theme of “SILENCE” – where the aim was to visually and concretely shape the silence through the use of objects and identify it as the “silent treatment” and the “remedy to the interminable racket of words and images […] we live in”- 2018 instead presents a brand new ‘tendance’ trend, so called “SHOW-ROOM”.



Since September 2016, the three Trend Consultants of the MAISON&OBJET Observatory have taken turns in designing the Inspirations Forum to bring the edition’s concept to life- sharing their own personal vision of the collective work carried out all year round. In January 2018, the SHOW-ROOM concept for MAISON&OBJECT will finally be unveiled as the product of the investigative work conducted by NellyRodi’s team of consultants on a variety of societal, industry and marketing topics.

The concept has been defined according to the impact which the digital revolution has had on our behaviour. To this effect, NellyRody’s agency team has named the concept -Showroomisation trend. With a new generation of hyper-connected and hyper-informed consumers who are reclaiming control and becoming trendsetters themselves, it is no longer the product that makes the consumer, but it is the consumer who makes the product. Whenever they share their hauls and stage their latest purchases, consumers play the parts of art directors, designers and architects – they become a source of inspiration validated by other users. Hence, the SHOW-ROOM trend is the expression of the growing inclination to publicise one’s life, one’s intimacy, one’s world and to show both the stages people create as well as what is behind the scenes.

Without even realising it, we experience the showroomisation every day. In fact, in our homes we now tend to feature an increasing amount of showroom elements such as racks, glass partitions, shelving units and walking wardrobes. We are assuming the role of curators – we stage the product, we style it and we present it as a work of art indicating the advent of an ego-based culture. Beside mirrors which will pop out everywhere at MAISON&OBJECT 2018, another example of this latest tendency can be found in the exhibitors’ choice of displaying a variety of decorative elements representing human faces, masks, figures, from lamps to dining plates and rugs, bringing the Facebook experience, tangibly, into the home.

The scenography created at MAISON&OBJECT 2018 has also a dramatic feel – mirrors, spotlights and glass display cases are displayed everywhere in this wide, interactive scenario. As a result, the scene will be more than a static, rigid staging but it will instead be a dynamic place where visitors can pick up one or more objects and put them on appositely created empty shelves to finally be asked the reason behind their selection.

Glass and Mirrors

In a few words, the main message of this trend is that the Inspirations 2018 theme is an invitation to question the status quo and make a stand to overcome the “ennui”. It will be your chance to love, to hate, to voice your opinion and to set yourself apart…just like on social networks.

So, it is now time for all of us home lovers to go and get a flight ticket to Paris. And, as my partner just suggested… thank God there isn’t an IKEA in Malta.


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