No one likes to follow trends, right? Absolutely! It’s much better to set them. But at the very least you need to have an awareness of what the current trends are. And when it comes to photography, there are five identifiable trends that are really making a difference across the board, from commercial to art photography. So whether you’re a professional photographer, a creative who dabbles in photography from time to time, or a designer who licenses photography for use in your projects, here are the five new photography trends you need to know about.


While some might think of it as being old-fashioned in this digital age, many veteran photographers like Zvezdan Reljic have never actually stopped working with film, and with good reason. Film instils a discipline that digital can’t provide. Firstly, there’s a physical limit on the number of shots you can take at one time – you also can’t instantly view the photo you’ve taken. This might seem unpractical, but for a professional, it focuses the mind on framing the shot and getting it right the first time.

One has to keep in mind that there’s a visual quality to film that digital just can’t compete with. The silver halides in the film’s emulsion are physically altered when hit by light particles, and it’s this grain that makes colour truly come to life when compared to the cold flatness of pixels.

360-Degree Photography

From an old-fashioned film to a brand new one – the new spherical cameras capture everything around you: up, down, in front and behind. These all-round images can be viewed best with VR goggles to allow you to experience scenes as if you were really there. Alternatively, smartphone apps such as Google Street View let you upload them and view them from all angles by moving around your phone. It seems like 360 photography is going to become very big in the next few years. At the moment it’s being used mostly by businesses, such as real-estate (letting you view a property as if you were there) and the travel industry (letting you check out a resort before you visit).

Vida October 2017

The Selfie

You might be over the same old selfies all over your Instagram and Facebook feed – the perfect definition of my boring generation. The more recent trends for meta-selfies or in simpler English photos of people taking selfies (yes, someone actually invented a name for it) isn’t much better. However, if you follow some professional photographers, they are creating some new and interesting things with the selfie trend. An example of this is a series of selfies that tell a story as if it was really about life and everyday situations like breaking up with a boyfriend, moving to a new house or losing a loved one.

Drone Photography

Another trend driven by new technology is the radio-controlled drone camera. This is enabling photographers to capture scenes that would previously have been either physically impossible or too expensive to capture. This type of Vida October 2017photography is rapidly becoming part of mainstream professional photography, even wedding photographers are getting in on the act, many of them are also offering couples an aerial record of their special day using a drone camera.


Polaroids are back with a bang. We’ve come a long way from 2008. Back then Polaroid filed for bankruptcy and announced it would discontinue production of its instant film and cameras. But in 2014 the Kickstarter-funded Impossible Project bought the last remaining Polaroid factory. And not only is it continuing to produce Polaroid film, it’s even launched a brand new model of Polaroid cameras. Polaroids are right on trend in fashion photography now, appearing in campaigns for Burberry and also Boss. There are even wedding photographers shooting Polaroids to add a retro twist to their offering.

Vida October 2017

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