Anyone who has ever gone blonde knows it’s no easy task. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who had to visit the hairdresser’s every few days for top-ups after she bleached her hair for Paris Fashion Week. As well as being high maintenance, another major concern of dyeing your hair is usually the serious damage bleaching can do to hair.

Enter the game-changing Olaplex; the product that allows you to change your hair colour without leaving it broken and unhealthy. It’s a single active ingredient (free of silicone and oils) and is designed to be added to to the colour mix during the dyeing process, followed by Olaplex no.3 which is an “at home” hair treatment. Below are our favourite shades of blonde guaranteed to turn heads this summer!


One of the coolest new hues out there is this trendy take on white blonde: a platinum white and silver that illuminates the face.

Icy Blonde



This champagne shade of blonde is cause for celebration: a subdued creamy blonde that’s infused with platinum and golden accents.

Champagne Blonde


Charlize Theron’s muted take on golden blonde gleams against her porcelain skin.

Golden Blonde


A warm blend of red and golden blonde creates this summery marmalade hue. Adding gloss, making colour long-lasting, and the ability to change your hair colour without leaving the hair broken and damaged? Where do we sign up?!

Light Copper Blonde

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