A Little Treasure in a Sleepy Village


I’d like to start off by clarifying that I’ve never been a huge fan of carrots. Don’t get me wrong, I am neither allergic nor do I have particularly strong negative feelings towards them; however I’ve often felt these bright orange root vegetables were added to dishes simply because of their eye-catching colour. I tell you, I am converted. All it took was one quaint little eatery, hidden away in the heart of Gharghur to change my mind.

These life-changing carrots were presented to me in shape of a puree, atop which was perched a beautiful shallow fried pork loin. The pale orange mash was truly transcendent, offering a depth of flavour I never thought I’d find in what I had previously considered to be only a half-hearted supporting act in the food performance. I take it all back; this is not a dish to miss. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The eatery in question is Cent’Anni, one of Gharghur’s best-kept secrets and an excellent location for a quiet dinner, a romantic tête-à-tête or a catch-up with friends. The place is small – you wouldn’t fit a big party in here – but that only serves to the authenticity, ambience and history of the place. Tucked in a little road off the main square, this is a tiny fortress against the chaos of modern life.

There is a vast selection of boutique wines from small wineries that believe in quality over mass-production. Rene, the owner, takes great care in selecting the wines he serves, choosing indigenous wines made with indigenous grapes. Hosting a well stocked bar, the place has a selection of gins and whiskeys big enough to satisfy even the most particular of drinkers. This is a wine bar after all!

This little treasure of a wine bar certainly surpassed our expectations, and we could only wish this was our ‘local’ – it’s a place that meets any foodie’s needs, no matter what they’re after.

Triq Luigi Catania, Gharghur
Tel: 99459914/27033321
Facebook: centanni