Lucky Pants Really Do Exist!

Last week I got very upset as I realised that Kat threw away my boxer shorts. On hearing this, I hit the floor, bruising my knee. To be fair, the boxers were not in tip-top condition. They had a couple of holes in them- seventeen. They looked more like strips of shiny tinsel.

‘So why are you so upset that Kat threw them away?’ I hear you ask.

The problem is that they were my lucky pants. They were so special because whenever I wore them on stage, I always tended to give a good performance, One day whilst doing a show, I cracked a joke that always worked and it didn’t.

I went home, confused. Did the audience not get it? Was it just one of those nights? As I was taking my jeans off, I realised I had worn the wrong boxer shorts. Next day, I had another show. I wore my lucky pair. And hey presto, the joke worked!

However, about a week ago, whilst I was in the shower, Kat snuck in to the bathroom and replaced my boxers with another pair that looked exactly like them (except without the holes).

I put them on without realising and I only noticed that I was wearing the wrong ones hours later when I came home from a show. The thing is, I had performed quite well at the show so I was shocked to realise that I had NOT been wearing my lucky boxers.

Maybe it was time to put the idea of lucky boxers to bed and realise that it is people, not panties, who shape destiny.

Excerpt taken by Steve Hili’s article on VIDA’s June issue. Head over to the PDF version of the magazine to read the full article.