Women. Handbags. Unutterable binomial. Inseparable duo. I bet there are no women in the world who have ever walked down the high street without being captivated by a shop window – especially when considering a luxury brand store where pieces are carefully placed in the window like in a museum. Because, in reality, handbags and garments are works of art, especially for fashion lovers who can’t resist their charm. Every single piece has its own story which starts from its conceptualisation to the manufacturing and craftsmanship until the final realisation. And these pieces deserve to be exposed in all their beauty and grandeur – the same as a painting, a sculpture, or any other piece of art that’s worth being admired and bought as a form of investment. In fact, we often talk about ‘investment pieces’ as things that will supposedly see you through a lifetime of wardrobe crises.

This couldn’t be more true with regard to handbags. A well-chosen one really can last you forever, and even become a valuable heirloom after you are gone (sorry, a bit morbid). New or vintage, classic or extravagant, casual or elegant, patterned or plain: if you have a luxury handbag in your wardrobe, this could be like gold. Sometimes, the older it is, the more profit you can make from it.

Fendi Prada

Here, I want to round up the luxury handbags which are really worth spending your hard-earned money on. I will start analyse them from a style/fashion perspective as well as from a financial point of view. I want to give you some deeper information about the financial advantages of investing in such extraordinary designer pieces, so that you can finally buy your dream handbag without feeling guilty!


Let’s start with the two most sought-after bags in the word: the iconic Chanel 2.55 and the Hermès Birkin. According to a recent study carried out by the specialised website Bag Hunter, since 2010 the price of the Birkin increased by an incredible 70%. Today, both the Chanel 2.55 and the Hermès Birkin bags represent not only a prestigious status but also one of the most reliable investments you can make. Maison Hermès also includes in its top list the never-out-of-fashion Kelly bag. The Kelly hasn’t enjoyed quite the level of overexposure as its label-mate, meaning its altogether more understated look and cleaner lines seems as fresh today as they did in the 1930s, when it was first created. Known initially as the ‘sac à dépêches’, it was renamed the Kelly in homage to Grace Kelly, a life-long fan of the Hermès signature.

Chanel Hernes

Another iconic and evergreen bag is the Lady Dior bag by Christian Dior. Originally created in 1994 with the name ‘chouchou’ (which in French means ‘favourite’), it became the symbol of class and elegance after being proudly carried for years by the stylish Lady Diana. Its D,I,O,R charms together with the harmony created by the pattern of lines stitched vertically and diagonally are the very key attributes which have contributed to the success of this piece over the years.


Last but not least, there are the Italian Prada Galleria and Fendi Peekaboo. The Galleria by Prada is also known as the Saffiano bag, named after the type of leather it’s made of. This bag has become a classic over the last decade (and it still is!) thanks to its spacious interior and simple but classy design which makes it a perfect investment piece and at the same time, a fantastic everyday handbag, also suitable for the office. The Peekaboo by Fendi is not less iconic: named after the childhood game, the Peekaboo’s defining feature is its easy-to-open and close side pouch, secured by a central clasp at the top of the bag.

Prada Fendi

So, if this analysis has helped you stop feeling guilty when buying a handbag and convinced you that spending your money on a luxury bag is not only a woman’s whim, then Paris, Milan, London, Champs Elysee, via Montenapoleone, Knightsbridge and New Bond street are your next stops. Are you ready for your next fashion investment?


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