Magical Maltese Summers, as Captured by a Travel Blogger

Instagram pic by Nanna

Summer time has become synonymous with a sudden surge of gorgeous travel-photos of our islands appearing all over Instagram.  Amidst all the mesmerized tourists roaming about, there’s currently a travel blogger who seems to have it all figured out.

Nanna’s been living in Malta since March, giving her ample time to get used to the islands before the summer madness hit. Unlike most visitors, Nanna’s staying in St. Paul’s Bay where she’s also studying English. In her time here she’s been everywhere from Ballutta to the back alleys of Nadur. She’s discovered all the best food joints, from Crystal Palace and their nationwide-loved pastizzi, to Fontonella’s legendary chocolate and NYB’s mouth-watering bagels. Her explorations aren’t limited to food though, through attending numerous events on the islands she’s also discovered some of the greatest local musicians, with Airport Impressions and The New Victorians being her favourite two.

While we can’t really enjoy her blog (unless any of you happen to be fluent in Korean), we can gush over her stunning Instagram page, which magically captures all our favourite things about summer time in Malta.

The sea and its creatures.
Searching for crabs in the cracks, desperately trying to outwit them. We’ve all been there.

Ice-Cream in Mdina
There’s something about this photo that screams Malta; the national love for ice-cream, the charming backdrop of Mdina, and the allusion to the Maltese flag. (Although, we’re not quite sure whether that was intentional or just a happy coincidence).

Sun, sea, serenity

A little bit of nostalgia

Popeye’s Village
The movie might have gotten old, but pictures of this place never seem to lose their charm.

Books and poolside brews

An abundance of fresh, Mediterrean Food

Festivals, alcohol and live music
Whether it’s the beer fest, the wine fest, or the local festa – drinking at street parties under the moon-lit sky, surrounded by people and food trucks remains one the truly magical things about summers in Malta.