“Morocco, a world away, and yet just at our doorstep, is the mystical and dizzying gateway to Africa.”


The ancient cities of Marrakesh, Chefchaouen, Fez, and Essaouira are exciting, beautiful, and simply musts for first timers to Morocco – with no trip to the North African
country truly complete without an overnight camping excursion in the Sahara desert. With a carefully planned itinerary, taking advantage of Morocco’s extensive train network, busses and affordable taxis, it is possible to have the feeling that you have experienced a lifetime in just a one or two week trip.

Get lost in the winding medina of Fez, fall in love with the many shades of Chefchaouen’s blue streets, and take part in the sheer craziness that is Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakesh (snake charmers, sheep brains, snail soup, and need I say more?).

No matter where you decide to stay in Morocco, your day begins Moroccan style over a delectable breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice, mint tea, Turkish style coffee, fresh figs, an assortment of homemade jams, and soft breads.

You’re sure to feel like true royalty lounging in the courtyards of 17th century palaces that have been turned into luxury boutique riads. With a hot mint tea and a great book in hand, let the morning slowly pass before stepping into the hot buzz outside.

Your days will be a mix of admiring the kasbah’s striking architecture and intricate detail, riding camels because why not, taking a cooking class to master the art of the tagine and shopping that lives up to its reputation in the medina’s labyrinth of souqs.


End your day at a traditional hammam for a treatment that leaves you glowing and softer than a newborn baby. Expect to be washed with olive soap and rose water,
steamed and scrubbed like there’s no tomorrow, and finally massaged with argan and essential oils. From navigating the souqs in ancient cities to indulging in a Berber ‘whiskey’ (the special brewed Moroccan mint tea) in the Sahara desert, Morocco is an exotic destination for the traveller who seeks an experience they will never forget.


• Know your prices before you start haggling. In the
souqs it is a common practice for merchants to sell
goods at 60% above their value.
• Being a conservative Muslim country, it is
respectful for female travellers to cover their
shoulders and knees. Opt for long airy clothes
rather than the Western style short shorts and
tank top.
• Don’t fall for the “let me show you the way” scam. If
you let a seemingly helpful Moroccan show you the
way to a restaurant or hotel, expect to pay them for
this service.
• Luxury products like argan oil and saffron are
commonly faked with merchants selling sunflower
oil as the costly argan, and even dyed mouse hair
as saffron.
• Always agree on a price before hopping into a taxi
or getting a service.
• Many Moroccans don’t like their photo taken so be


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