The homogeneous work cubicles of the 80s are a thing of the past. Today options are endless when it comes to customising your workspace. While your office working space is up to your boss, organising your home workspace is entirely up to you.

Here are eight ideas you may want to consider when customising your workspace. One may appeal to you but the trick is not to make it your own; do what works best for improving your productivity!


Daydreaming can be considered a distraction, but it is also a sense of inspiration. Embrace your daydreaming nature rather than trying to suppress it. If you have a room with a view, set up your work space close to a window; let your imagination run wild every time you look up. This isn’t always possible, but you can set up an inspiration board, hang some interesting wall paper. Decorating your work space with plants will add a sense of depth to your area.

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Can’t sit still for more than a few minutes? You’re not alone. The trick to getting down to work is to give yourself several options for places to work. Have a traditional desk which is home to your computer. Also have separate spots for reading, making notes or brainstorming. Try having a small table at the centre of a room, a comfy armchair by the window and some bean bags in the corner.

A standing desk, or even one with standing and sitting options, is another great idea for the active worker. It makes moving around easier and research has shown that standing, as opposed to sitting, at a desk is better for you.


Do you instantly get distracted the moment you are alone, wondering what everyone else is doing? If this is the case set up a spot you can share with your kids or housemates, or pick a busy room – like the kitchen or the living room – and set up a space there. Having some music playing or even the TV on in the background may increase your productivity if you like to work in a busy environment.

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Not everyone thrives in a busy working environment. If you’re a person that gets easily distracted, you need to create a space that gives you the quiet you need to get the job done. Managing your own room, this would be an ideal scenario, however if you have to share, then make sure you find yourself the quietest corner in the house. A corner in a large room could help you separate yourself with a decorative folding screen, or open-backed shelving, giving the illusion of a separate, smaller room. If that makes the larger room look cramped, you can always pull back the folding screen when you’re done.


This is an easy set up. Just a beautiful surface and a computer sceen. Try to go for wireless options – keyboard and mouse – to keep clutter down to a minimum. Keep all your papers and files in drawers to keep your surfaces as clear as possible. You need superior organisational skills to make this work but if you can master it, not only will your work space look incredible but it will also help you keep all your ducks in a row.


Though some people feel comfortable with clear spaces, others feel like it lacks soul and feel more comfortable when surrounded by lots of stuff. Get yourself an L-shaped desk to spread your stuff around and keep lots of filing drawers and cabinets for anything you may need. Keep some space for personal keepsakes to bring back memories of that holiday in Peru or your sister’s wedding.

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Most office spaces will include a desk and a chair, but it does not need to be the case for everyone. Any table – the dining room table, the kitchen table or even the coffee table in the living room – can be turned into a temporary working space with any chair doing the trick as long as you aren’t spending long hours at your “desk” without a break. If you have to have a desk and chair for ergonomic reasons, bring more home into your office space with bright wall paper, cushions, rugs, curtains and lamps. Just because it’s work doesn’t mean it has to be boring.


For many people, visual aids help them remember things and keep organised. If you work better with pictures, buy a giant calendar with different colour codes for different aspects of your life. A giant bulletin board for to-do lists and important things to remember can be truly invaluable. You will need to keep an eye on this to make sure it does not become cluttered. Keep things that are essential and edit regularly to avoid it becoming just another item your eyes get used to.

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