We would like to have a moment of silence to bid farewell to all the hopes and dreams that came with 2017’s long – forgotten resolutions.  The 17th of January is Ditch your Resolutions Day, and there is a good reason why it has, in fact, obtained its own day. Keeping resolutions is hard enough as is, but when you live in a country like Malta, we cannot really blame you.

Dik l-Imbierka Dieta


Your Instagram feed is full of thinspiration posts, you’ve scoured all of Pinterest in search of healthy recipes to cook and lunches to take to work. You have planned your gym routine and have mustered enough motivation to start … but not before all the Christmas sweets are out of the house. By that time, it’s priniolata season, żeppoli ta’ San Ġuzepp, the influx of our beloved figolli, qagħaq tal-appostli… What were we talking about again?

Se Noħrog Inqas u Nfaddal Iktar

go out

Paceville has gotten boring and that’s the only place my friends want to go to. Exams are coming up anyway so I won’t particularly miss anything. Oh look, a free post-exams event on the day I hand in my last assignment, looks good. Open bar the next day? I won’t be spending much the night before so I can afford it. An invitation for post-exam cocktails on Sunday; I’ll still be drunk from the night before so might as well… repeat for the next few months until it’s Karnival u r-resolution Bye Bye.

Ħa nnaqqas ix-Xorb


If I’m still going out a lot, at least I’ll drink less. My friends will understand that I won’t be drinking with them tonight. It’s been an hour and you have already refused 4 drink offers. Then come the tray of shots; U ija one won’t hurt. 5 trays of shots later, 3 of which you’ve bought yourself and you’re too drunk to care about the fact that it took you less than a week to break your resolution.

Se Nieqaf Insemmi l-Isem t’Alla fil-batal

road rage

1st of January 2017, you are on your way to Zija Ċetta’s house for a quick family get together to start off your year. Xi bravu ħariġlek f’nofs ta’ triq because the pedestrian cross, which was precisely 3 seconds away, was too far for him to walk. Cue l-ikbar dagħwa twila u mżewqa li qatt harġitlek minn fommok. Wow, that took less than 24 hours. I’ve impressed myself.

Mhux se Nivvota


None of the current politicans are an ideal canditate to run my country; I refuse to choose when the country will be going downhill either way. Però, għandek xi ċans li se nħalli lil dak il-poxt jitla’ fil-gvern u jeqred il-progress kollu li għamel Joseph. L-unu lilu ħa ntih.

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