The Maltese are Poor, and it’s not About the Money – part 1

The Maltese are a very proud species indeed. They are surrounded by beautiful Mediterranean waters; they own some of the world’s oldest megalithic temples; and their history attracts a huge number of tourists who envy such cultural richness.

But in actual fact, despite all the advancements our governments have been working upon, our people are still stone cold broke.

Critical thinking is not their thing

Living in a country that is hugely dominated by two rival political parties breeds bickering and an unnecessary competitiveness. Thousands of years under foreign rule make it natural to look up to others for advice, without thinking hard and criticising what’s wrong and championing what is right. “Mhux Xorta?”

They feed their belly not their mind

Each and every restaurant that sprouts on the island, especially if it is a fast one, has got a 100% probability of succeeding. During weekends, restaurants are usually fully booked, whilst theatres and exhibition spots are left unfrequented. Culture is said to feed the mind, and make people emotional, but the Maltese are a special kind who can do just fine without it. There’s Maltese TV anyway, that contains a lot of cultural features. Take It’s Morris and Klassi Għalina for instance!

They want it all and they want it now.

It’s probably another side effect of long years of colonialism, or the size of the country, but our people want to lay their hands on anything that is new and looks worth having, especially if it’s for free, “ovvja!” Have you ever been to a Sunday buffet lunch? It’s where they can have like 10 portions of dessert in one plate, because it’s worth it, you know?

Foreigners are not their kin – “Aħna aħjar”

Again, a history of them and us doesn’t help our people feel easily connected to the rest of the world. As soon as something goes wrong, the Maltese tend to burn bridges with anyone who’s foreign pretty much easily. Fist fighting is their speciality and charging double the actual taxi fare is typical indeed. “If you do not like it, go home!” They just don’t realise that tourists have brains too and trip advisor and Are you Being Served tend to lay bare such rip offs right away.

They make hay while the sun shines

On most days they suffer high temperatures, and that tends to make them nervous, and very greedy too. The relationship they once had with nature has now been bargained for the sake of high rise buildings and complex urban developments. It’s easy money really. “Issa ċ-ċans!” The benefits of green areas are indisputable, but they are now difficult to find as much as a diamond in the rough. The current reclamation of Manoel Island’s foreshore, however, makes us hopeful!