The new ‘PANTONEVIEW Home + Interiors’ book reveals how one should match colours in 2018. It features a variety of choice, ranging from colour tones of fruits and vegetables to the glorification of technology in all its shades.


“Inspiration is the process of being emotionally stimulated to prompt experience or sense something that moves, influences and encourages you, spurs you on and lifts you up. From tonal statements to colour stories of contrasting shades, these diverse and all- embracing new colour palettes create a new level of 3-dimensional movement and energy for year 2018.”

Milan Design Week and Salone del Mobile exhibitions have given us a taste of the new interior trends for 2018, but it has been the trendsetter and colour specialist Leatrice Eiseman, Executive director of Pantone Color Institute, to properly reveal which hues will be trending in 2018, and what we can look forward to seeing in home design next year. From the bold colours to soft nuances featured, one will immediately feel inspired to revamping his own home. 

Thanks to an attentive analysis of international fashion catwalks and the study of the latest cinema trends, the new architectonic creations and the art of enogastronomy, Eiseman came up with some unique concepts for 2018.

In fact, the new colour palettes are not only stunning but also very unusual – fresh but warm, innovative but classic, modern but romantic, dynamic but static. There seems to be something for just about everyone. We will see a continued infatuation with iridescence, whilst a movement to more intense and brighter colours gets the upper hand. We also notice a comeback of words and alphabet letters as a design element, as well as of a new supremacy of the triangular shape.

New experimentations through the use of 3D printing are also prevailing – the desire of playing with multiple shapes and geometries will dominate the idyllicromantic style of the “Greenery” season. Ready to start colour scheming for 2018?  The following are the eight palettes you can expect to see next year.


All About Verdure

A colour palette which not only reminds us of nature but also of vegetables – celery and foliage greens coexist in perfect harmony with berry-infused purples and eggshell blue.

Vintage Power. 

This palette plays with contrasts thanks to the combination of two complementary colours which are opposite one another on the colour wheel; blue and orange. A bold juxtaposition which invites us to reinvent ourselves and our interiors through the use of warm and cold tones. And why not add a touch of vintage to it using some old furniture?

Play. Smile. Laugh.

Sometime people must stop, smile and laugh: this is the new imperative for the year 2018. So, are you ready to let yourself go, have fun and enjoy the bright new shades of “Minion” yellow, popsicle lime, flash green and electric blue?

Romance, please

This colour palette is all about nostalgia, demeanour, attitude, sobriety and moderation. Subtle hues such as elderberry and Hawthorne rose offer a new sense of romance: “Pink has developed more power than ever before,” said Eiseman.

Amalgamated Differences

This palette embraces different cultures and styles. Hearthy hues like corn-silk yellow and iced coffee brown blend with more rosy tones like ruby red.


Intricate designs and dramatic hues are the protagonists of this palette. It combines neutral metallic colours (AKA, the “new neutrals”) with accents of yellow sulfur and holly berry red.

Defining Intensity

Power. Strength. Depth. Sophistication. An eclectic mix of colours like violet, blue and marine green blends with volcanic colours, all balanced with black and gold.


This palette is characterised by an explosion of technology evoked by powerful hues like bright turquoise, fuchsia and violet, all anchored with brilliant white and frosted almond. According to Eiseman’s this palette is “all about hues that seem to shine from within.”

Bearing in mind that “mixing and matching” is the key to every successful creation, it is now your turn to start playing with all these new colours and sketch the house of your dreams.


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