With February in full swing, the Malta Eurovision Song Contest is right on our doorstep. This usually means a fun-filled family evening huddled up in front of the television in support of our local talent and future representative of the Eurovision Song Contest. We set up a one-question interview with each and every finalist to get to know them, and their songs, better.

Richard Edwards, You

If you had to pick one competitor to sing your entry, who would it be and why?

It would have to be a male, so that’s between Franklin, Klinsmann, Joseph  and Kevin I presume. And they are all talented singers, but I’d probably go for Franklin, because of his his timbre, which although still different to mine, it is the one that comes closest.

Ceborah C & Josef Tabone, Tonight

A lot of people contributed in the making of this song. How did that work out exactly?

Five people worked on this song; Angie Laus, Jonas Gladnikoff, Sara Ljunggren, Primoz Poglajen and Michael James Down. It all started when Angie Laus received the demo of the song Tonight and she discussed the option of creating a duet for the participation of this year’s Malta Eurovision Song Contest. Tonight was love at first sight for both of us.

Miriana Conte

If you had to pick your favourite words from the song, which would they be? Why?

My favourite words are definitely “Keep your head up, don’t ever look down, just keep on moving, create your own sound “. These words convey a very strong message; in life you must be yourself, no matter what others tell you, even if they try to pull you down. I consider these words to be an inspirational quote.

Claudia Faniello, Breathlessly

How has the Malta Eurovision Song Contest changed from the first time you participated?

It has evolved into something bigger with many songs meriting international recognition. As artists, we have matured as well, because competition is so much tougher nowadays. However, one thing will never change; to win. You must have a good song that reaches out and touches the people.

Crosswalk, So Simple

What’s the main message behind So simple?

So simple is meant to serve as a positive reminder that no matter how complicated and crazy the outside world may seem, the things that give meaning to life are usually the simplest. Whether it’s a loved one, friend, child or a pet, we all need someone to give us hope and put a smile on our face.

Jade Vella, Seconds Away

How do you feel about the fact that you are technically competing with the person who co-wrote and composed your song?

I personally think that in reality this situation is an asset; firstly, every time we have an interview we automatically get promotion. Secondly, I’m so honored that my song is written and composed by a Swedish pop idol winner.

Cherton, Fighting to Survive

Who do you hope to inspire with your entry? How?

My hope is that Fighting to Survive inspires those in difficult times  to stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in. Although there will always be people who try to pull us down, sometimes you must end a relationship in order for you to move on and emerge like a true survivor.

Klinsmann Coleiro, Laserlight

Which part of the song is your favourite to sing out and why?

My favorite part of the song is where I’ve got most of the lyrics sung at a fast pace. It’s the part where I’m saying that I’ll rob a bank, I’ll steal a Ducati, let’s go away etc. This has a cool feel to the track and gives a great vibe to any listener.

The Malta Eurovision Song Contest will be held this Saturday, February 18th, at the MFCC Ta’ Qali. The winner, who will represent Malta in Kiev, Ukraine, will be chosen by 100% televoting during a single session. Watch out for Part two of this article! 

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