Mind over Muscle

Angie Vella
Fitness Model Angie Vella

Angie Vella has just returned from the Pure Elite Fitness Modelling Competition that took place in Estonia last Saturday, 1st October. Her months of long, strenuous and extremely demanding training definitely paid off.

“I have always had a keen interest in sports, but I only took up this challenge about a few months ago. After stopping crossfit and starting the gym, I needed a new target. My body underwent a complete transformation in about a month or so. The diet and exercise I was doing all formed part of a mind to muscle connection that focuses solely on enhancing and toning your body when training. I soon learned that for such training you need a strong character; it teaches you a lot about yourself. You cannot eat what you want and you can basically kiss your social life goodbye.”

“You are constantly prepping meals, day and night. You have to complete certain types of workouts to make sure that you are constantly building your body bit by bit. Imagine that your body is a piece of block that you are slowly sculpting into a masterpiece; it takes time, skill and a whole lot of will power. That is what training for a competition is like.”

“I did fasted cardio twice a day, 30 minutes in the morning straight out of bed and then gym immediately after; I did this again in the afternoon. In the last 2 weeks, I was eating a piece of fish and green beans for breakfast! Eating fish in the morning is far from pleasant, and you cannot really add any type of dressing, it has to be as plain and fat free as possible so I just ate it by itself. By the time the day was over, I was a dead beat.”

Angie Vella

All of this definitely paid off, as Angie brought back some great titles. She won 1st place for Fitness Model, 2nd in Muscle Model, 3rd in International Model and 5th in Bikini Model. She also achieved the Pro Card from the fitness category, which means that she is now a Pro Fitness Model with Pure Elite.

What’s up next for Angie? The Pro Card means that she is now eligible to compete in the next competition taking place this November in London, but before that, it is time to unwind.

“After finishing the competition, the first thing I naturally did was to go to a good Estonian restaurant, celebrate and demolish a burger. I don’t know whether it was the fact that I had been eating fish for breakfast for the past few weeks or because it was genuinely so, but that was one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten.”

“This week has been all about trying to relax and give my body a break; travelling to Estonia and back amounted to a total of four flights, which bloat you up with water retention. Apart from that, your body just needs to rest after such a strenuous routine. Once I am all rested up, we’ll start preparing for the November competition in full swing.”

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