Trendy ideas for Christmas 2017 – from a new Christmas tree concept to minimal-chic wall decorations and original gift wrapping. Style your perfect festive space and brighten your holiday!


Not a big fan of red and gold? Do you think that silver and blue decorations are far too common these days? Multicolour combinations do not really represent you?

If your home décor taste does not match any of the classic Christmas decorations and colour stereotypes, it is time to opt for a minimalist style.

Keeping things clean and streamlined can be just as fun as experimenting with traditional decorations: holiday cheer can come in small doses but still make a big impact.

Creating a beautiful, cosy and festive atmosphere at home is now possible (and also super cool!) even for someone who hates glittering and excessive ornaments, tinsels or cheesy intermittent lights. The use of simple materials and objects like wood, wool, paper, pinecones, leaves or pine sprigs, will give your home a classy and elegant look without having to turn down the magic.


Being tired of the classic Christmas tree does not necessary mean being tired of Christmas. When the synthetic or real green trees start to bore you and you decide you won’t be putting up “that thing” in the living room this year, there is only one solution to avoid losing the Christmas spirt: a minimalist tree. No leaves or pine needles on the floor – just branches and twigs gently decorated with neutral, metallic or monochromatic ornaments. Even better if they are made from straw, since this year, minimalist decorations were inspired by the Finnish traditional Himmeli. Do not use the classic lights: Christmas 2017 is characterised by a new type of illumination which sparkles with diamond-shaped ornaments rather than electricity.

christmas treeThumbs up for wooden neutral bead garlands decorated with a touch of white paint. Always remember to avoid the glow and glitters; real staple of any minimalist decoration. One last quirky tip? Geometric pale-coloured wooden mini trees as coffee tables’ and shelves’ ornaments are also a must-have for this festive season.

christmas tree


According to the minimalist style, the only colour that you need is green. The minimalistic décor scheme is, in fact, dominated by white – from walls to furniture – but you can also get away with a few touches of neutral colours. Use paper decorations hanging from the ceiling or cardboard trees which are simple, yet cheery enough to liven up any corner of the house. Paint pinecones white and place them on the dining table as name plates to captivate your guests!



At Christmas, not only doors, windows, ceilings or trees, but also walls can be adorned with classy and chic decorations. To stick to the minimalist style, only a few key touches are really necessary, like the use of clean lines and very simple materials so that the latter can be matched in an unusual but elegant way. An example can be an eye-catching, old tree branch; hanging beautifully decorated with white and gold Christmas balls.

wall decorations wall decoration


When it comes to decorating our front doors for the holidays, the sky truly is the limit. Decorating your door is the perfect excuse to take on a fun Christmas craft project. Why not do it by following some “minimalist rules”? For example, you can create your own door wreath-star decoration by using a metallic star-shaped frame, a few green “touches” like sprigs of pine, leaves, and thin gold or white ribbons. This simple but elegant door decoration is a unique and unexpected twist on the classic wreath and it reflects the fact that just about anything can be turned into a decoration with the right amount of imagination.



Brown kraft paper, foliage and a piece of coloured string are the ingredients for creating the most stylish Christmas gift wrapping! Collect some pretty looking leaves, attach them to the packaging by a string or tape. You can also spray paint it white. The combination of brown kraft paper and real plants is something homemade yet chic and minimalist; the hottest trend of the season!

wrapping paper


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