Monologues by new Maltese Teachers

For teachers in Malta school has just started, and those in high anticipation are probably the newly appointed ones. High expectations, built up during the long summer, are usually wiped out as soon as they arrive on the premises and settle into the new job. These are 5 Expectations of new Maltese teachers accompanied by 5 Realities that will start becoming clear in just a few hours.

The Staffroom

Expectation: “I will now have a desk all to myself, with all the stationery completely organised and a couple of frames here and there. It will be just like the one I have at home.”
Reality: “New teachers, welcome on board. Please give us some more time before we find the desks you will be having. Maintenance staff, could we have 5 desks on floor 3 by the end of September please?”


Expectation: “I won’t be having breakfast here anymore mum. I will be leaving early for school and will be having breakfast there. They have a toaster, a microwave and a kettle. I can have toast and coffee there and avoid the rush hour altogether.”
Reality: *Arrives at 6:45am*, *Staffroom is closed.*, *Gets keys from maintenance staff*, *pours water in kettle. Black flakes swirling all over the insides*, *Toaster takes 15 minutes to heat up*
“Here nothing is in good order sabiħa. Last year we couldn’t agree on buying a new kettle, let alone a toaster and a microwave. Get your own thermos, like me!”

First Lessons

Expectation: “I will be outlining to the students what I expect from them this year, do a couple of ice breakers and kick off the lesson with the first chapter, no waste of time.”
Reality: 5/40mins: “Please kids, settle down.” 15/40mins “I’m Mr Saliba…” 25/40mins: “My name is Carl and I have got 2 dogs, a cat and a turtle…” 30/40 mins: “What we are doing this year is…” 40/40mins: Now, let’s start something … *Bell rings*

The Workmates

Expectation: “We will surely work as a team, for the best of our school and the students. Some of them I’ve already seen during the first meetings. They seem so professional and organised.”
Reality: “I will probably be staying in class whilst off lessons. I can’t take all this noise anymore. It’s like a coffee morning in here! I haven’t even corrected a whole essay in 15 minutes!”

The Students

Expectation: “I will inspire all students to work hard. I want them to understand life, and how to overcome all the difficulties they shall encounter. They must keep strong. They will be a fantastic bunch, I’m sure
Reality: “Will you just stop it? I’ve had enough of you today! Do you want me to just sit down and give you an essay title to do till the end of the lesson? How ungrateful you all are.”

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