I feel like going abroad on holiday every month. What stops me, apart from the financial feasibility and my full-time student schedule constraints, is the planning of the holiday itself.  Looking for cheap flights, lodging and attractions is quite daunting. I’m sure you’ve all experienced this, especially when planning your first couple of trips.  As usual, technology comes to our rescue with the following seven essential travel apps.

1.    Skyscanner

Skyscanner Logo

First item on the agenda is to book your flights. Not sure where to go yet? Not a problem with Skyscanner! This app lets you search and compare cheap flights departing from airports near you. Once you are convinced, you can book the flights directly from this app as well. By creating your own account you can navigate through this app very easily across all your devices.  Also, you can set it to alert you with any price changes to ensure better deals.

2.    Airbnb

Airbnb Logo

Next, a place to stay!  Airbnb is the app of choice with over 2.5 million homes in over 191 different countries to choose from. You can search for your ideal lodging by price, locality, comfort and facilities. Whether this is a single venture, a family holiday or even a business trip, you can always refer to this app for a last-minute booking or a long-term stay.

3.    TripAdvisor

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This app provides you with reviews and opinions of fellow travellers and locals.  It is no secret that tourist sites often tend to over-charge.  With this app you get in on the tips and tricks of locals and previous travellers ranging from affordable eateries to not-to-be-missed attractions among numerous other categories.

4.    Tripit: Travel Organiser

Tripit Logo

With all these accumulating bookings you will definitely need an itinerary organiser.  You can use this app to collect all your travel material in one place.  It stores all your confirmation emails, imports your travel plans form your mail inbox and even syncs your journey plan to your calendar.  It is easy to share your itinerary with fellow travellers or loved ones back home.  Finally, it also includes maps and driving directions, which can be downloaded for offline use.

5.    Translator

Translator Logo

You’ve got everything set but the language barrier still remains? Worry not, Microsoft Corporation’s Translator App has you covered.  All you need to do is download the target language once and it will be stored on your phone for offline use. You will surely not be lost for words with this app!

6.    XE Currency

XE Currency Converter Logo

The next potential problem to tackle is the currency divide.  This app converts all the currencies in the world with live currency rates.  It also works offline and has had over 40 million downloads.  You can’t go wrong with an app that has been recommended by the likes of BBC, CNN, The Travel Channel and LA Times.

7.    ICE

ICE Logo

Last but surely not least, it is important to stay safe abroad.  ICE lets you record your personal medical history and list which contacts to be reached in case of emergency.  This is a highly useful app especially if you intend on travelling alone.  It even overrides lock screen should an emergency occur.

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