You Need to Make a Home Out of Your House

How does one distinguish between a house and a home? Well … let’s give it a try. A house is a building which is built with the intention of human habitation in mind- basically a place where someone can eat, sleep and rest. So far, so good. ‘Home sweet home’, however, is not so easily defined. What does one have to do to make the transition from a house to a home? For some it is a big headache, but if you take the right approach and follow these helpful tips, it can be really fun!

Plan Ahead

When moving into a new house, consider it an empty canvas to unleash your imagination on. A brainstorming session wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world and planning each room while taking note of what you have to work with will help you realise what type of style you are most comfortable living in.


Once you have dreamed up your ideal home, take a step back and evaluate which rooms need to be finished as soon as possible and which ones are not as urgent. While you may have a sudden urge to go on a shopping spree and buy all the furniture you need in order to have your home ready instantly, you need to be realistic. Such a decision will probably result into two outcomes- bankruptcy or compromising on certain things because you simply do not have the budget. Live in your house for at least two months before you start making significant purchases.

Start with the Bedroom

This is where you will be spending at least one third of your day. It is also where your day starts, so you need to make sure that the room is setting the right mood for the type of activities you are likely to carry throughout the duration of your day away from home.

Quality over Quantity

Invest in furniture that will last for a long time; buying ‘bullet-proof’ furniture means that you will be saved the hassle of trying to find a matching alternative in a couple of years’ time.


No matter how much space you attempt to allocate to the purpose of storage, there always seems to be something which you cannot find a place for. Storage is a big problem in every household and giving some proper thought to the issue when you are about to move into a place will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Many home owners base their buying decisions on aesthetics as opposed to functionality; what they don’t realise is that a marriage between the two is not only possible but is a huge game changer for your home.


Entering a place which is filled with natural light is the dream for most home owners; however, this is not always at people’s disposable and the reality is that you will need to have a good think about the sources of your interior lighting. Using alternative energy will save you money in the long run and as an added plus, it is also eco-friendly. Light switches and fittings can really distinguish and give character to a room; adding a specifically designed lamp will add personality. Luckily, lights are very inexpensive things to alter so don’t restrain yourself from letting your mind go wild.

Personal Touches

Lastly, this is going to be the place where you are about to live for a substantial amount of time, so it has to represent you and who you are. Home is where the heart is, and what better way to bring out the heart than showcasing tokens of heartfelt memories? Bring out photographs, books, travel items and make sure to plaster them around all of the building. This will set a very friendly and familiar space for you to live in, allowing you to get used to your new living situation much quicker and easier.

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