If there’s one thing that deserves a holiday, it’s Nutella: the chocolate hazelnut spread that has supported us through our best and worst moments in life. We’ve spread it over a friend’s birthday cake, back when our culinary skills were even less impressive than they are now. We’ve eaten Nutella by the spoonfuls (by that we mean tablespoons not teaspoons) during stressful all-nighters. We love Nutella so much that we felt it deserved its special Maltese twist.

Galletti with Nutella

Galletti are the quintessential Maltese food; they’re eaten by the dozens at Intercultural Nights during youth exchanges. Foreigners are generally encouraged to try galletti with bigilla or a peppered cheeselet, but scrap that, it’s time to spread some Nutella on that galletta. We suspect that galletti with sea salt and cracked pepper are the best blend with Nutella; the salt should bring out the chocolate taste in full force.

galletti, nutella

Ftira with Nutella

Slice open a ftira, spread copious amounts of Nutella all over its surface, and shove it an oven for a few minutes. The result: a gooey, crunchy heavenly goodness.

ftira, nuttella

Figolla with Nutella

This almond-filled Easter dessert contains an impressive 2000 calories. What’s the logical Maltese thing to do? Add more calories to it. Apply a thick layer of Nutella above and beneath your almond filling before you place it in your oven. If you want a Nutella overdose, spread the figolla with Nutella as well once it’s finished.

figolli, nutella

Imqaret with Nutella

With a few cents per maqrut, no wonder we love this date-filled goodness so much. The one thing that would make us love it more is dipping piping hot mqaret into Nutella. We’ve invented Nutella pastizzi, why not Nutella imqaret?

imqaret, nutella

Twistees with Nutella

We’re a bit torn about this; we’re not quite sure whether the cheesy, crunchy snack pairs well with the sweet, chocolate taste of Nutella. If you try it, let us know! 😀

twistees, nutella

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