Lorella Castello gives us a taste of her multicultural adventure across three continents.

Last May was a pretty hectic month of me jet setting
around the world. Spring is the best season to stay on
our little island; however, it is also the best time to travel.
I basically travelled to the same season in Morocco, after
which I decided to swap spring for autumn in the South
American regions.
Morocco is a beautiful and extremely photogenic
country. Busy markets, ancient medinas, and incredible
characters all lend themselves to the greatest shots. In
Morocco, as in other countries, one must be respectful of
the people and culture surrounding you. Unfortunately,
for photographers who are aiming for great portraits,
passersby do not actually enjoy being photographed.
This is a real shame since faces, smiles, stares, and upclose
shots speak so many words. I love searching for
individuals who appear to be in their very own universe
at that specific minute, who look as though they are
recounting their life story through their expressions,
captured for posterity on a photograph.
Some of my favourite locations in Morocco are:
A large public square in Marrakech. This is marvellous
during the golden hour, a destination for all magic,
storytellers, dancers, water sellers, and snake charmers.
This largest mosque in Morocco which has the ability to
hold 25,000 worshippers just inside the mosque hall.
What really struck me inside the enormous mosque,
was a woman sitting peacefully just down the staircase,
wearing a red hijab which was perfectly hit by the
incoming sunlight.
Here, passersby can take camel rides, have a swim in the
Atlantic, or just gaze at the horse riders wandering off
into the sunset.


Six days and sixteen hours after landing back from
Casablanca, I was standing at Fiumicino Airport in Rome,
when I realised life was too short to spend it waiting for
the next flight. We decided that we should get off and
make the most out of the little time we had in Rome. I can
pretty much say that Rome was not built in a day, but in
four hours, we managed to see a lot of what Rome has to
offer, briefly! There I was, standing in front of the Vatican
whilst eagerly waiting for my flight to Rio De Janeiro.
In no time, I was on an Airbus A330 waiting for the
twelve-hour flight to Brazil.

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We landed early in the morning, and there it was to welcome us,                                      a tropical savannah climate, together with the worst allergies I
have ever experienced in years. But who cares? I was in
Rio! I had to get out and make the most out of my five
nights in this beautiful place. I can never accurately
describe the memories that this city has imprinted on my

I have seen something which went above and beyond my
expectations. The beaches and mountains all together, a
beautiful culture where the Cariocas just hang out around
the never-ending beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema,
drinking cocktails, playing football, dancing to their
beloved Samba, and just enjoying life, the rich and the
poor. Rio offers anything that no other place does. It offers
aesthetics that just don’t blend in. On the hilltops that
overlook Ipanema and Copacabana, tens of thousands of
Cariocas have built their homes out of whatever materials
they could lay their hands on in the city slums; known as
Favelas, which are shaped by contrasts, especially through
a photographer’s eyes.

Photography VIDA Magazine
The daily life for most of their kids is basic, yet they remain
so happy. They are the happiest kids I have ever seen.
Their feet are dirty, their hair is messy, but their eyes are
sparkling with joy doing the simplest of things.
When I look at these photos, they just bring back what it
felt like on that day, compared to what most people are
used to back home.

Photography VIDA Magazine
Crossing borders into Argentina, I got the opportunity
to see one of the world’s most beautiful sights, which
also happens to make up the largest waterfall system on
Earth: Iguazu Falls. Crossing the border brought about
a huge change in temperatures, Buenos Aires was crisp.
It was also full of colours, tango, football, interesting
architecture, and an amazing taste for history hunters.
Buenos Aires was also the place where I was able to check
one of the goals on my bucket list. I got as close as I could
to a real-life tiger in Lujan, and this one shot will always be

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South America has a feel to it which is away from the
ordinary. Everything is so themed and unique. The cars, the
neighbourhoods, the locals, the traditions, the dances, and
the shots they gave me. Onto the next adventure!


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