Packing Hacks that Will Save you Space on your Holiday

Packing Techniques

As we welcome August with a warm smile, we cannot help but think of the holiday we booked months ago which is now just around the corner. The prospect of a nearby holiday brings people lots of joy, but the impending doom of having to choose what items you’re going to take with you is often a stressful venture. Packing needn’t be such a difficult task if you know some useful tips and tricks that will make your life ten times easier before you go on holiday.


Don’t pack clothes with a lot of pattern; chances are, you can only make one good combination out of them. When travelling you should pick clothes that can be combined with different items. Don’t take more than two pairs of shoes and fill them in with socks and underwear to utilise the space you have to the best of its ability. Put your shoes at the bottom to create a foundation, fold and roll up your clothes and fill in the remaining space; where there are little holes, fill those up with rolled up t-shirts. Jeans and trousers can be quite bulky, so you’re probably better off laying them flat on top as the last items to put in your luggage.


There are a lot of travel sized products available nowadays, and when you have emptied them out, there is no need to throw them away as you can easily re-use them. Fill them up with the necessary products and seal them with plastic wrap before closing the lid; this will prevent any leaking. You are not only saving space and time, but you are also looking out for the environment; the trees will thank you. Alternatively, you can put small amounts of product in unused contact lenses cases if your trip is going to be a short one.


If you have just used your straightening iron and you need to pack it right away, put it in an oven glove to prevent it from burning holes into your clothes. Use your glasses case as storage for all of your cables and if your headphones get easily tangled, just wrap them around an old store card for ease of access.


If you would like to keep your jewellery intact throughout the duration of your flight, we suggest you place it in between two plastic wrap sheets to prevent it from tangling. Pill case compartments can easily be used as storage space for small jewellery such as rings, and buttons can be used to store pin earrings. You could also use empty tic-tac bottles to store bobby pins and hair clips.

Other Tips

You should wear the bulkiest items you have to create more room for smaller items in your luggage. Put your heaviest items on the bottom to create better compression and if you’re really tight for space, avoid little bags as they take up space; little items can easily be spread around the edges of your suitcase.

If all else fails, sitting on your case while trying to close it seems to work for a lot of people, so au revoir and enjoy your break!