All good parties have a theme. Do you remember the last fancy dress party you have been to? The giggles are a dime a dozen just watching your friends turn up in the most ridiculous outfits! Though Christmas in itself is a theme for any party at this time of year, how do you make your own festive gathering stand out from the crowd? Here are some party themes that aren’t simply ugly Christmas sweaters.

Festive cocktail potluck

Potluck dinner parties are the best. Every guest brings a dish of anything they like – sweet or savoury – and then everything goes on the table for everyone to share. Instead of doing this with food, get your guests to bring their favourite festive cocktail mix – candy cane martinis, eggnog and gluehwein; You get it. Be sure to have the number of a taxi service at hand as no one should be driving after this one!

christmas themed party, putlocker dinner

Gingerbread house decorating competition

Ok, so this is probably not for everyone. It takes plenty of preparation time and you must have a group of friends who all like this kind of thing, or you may end up having a Christmas party all alone. Turn your Christmas decorating into a competition with prizes for Best Decorated, Best Construction and Most Creative,  or else create your own categories.

Cast-off gift party

Everyone gets a gift they don’t really like at Christmas time – those boring socks or packet of granny pants from an old aunt, a €5 voucher from a shop you’ve never heard of, a CD (who still has got anything to play them on anyway?) of some 90s long forgotten band . So the rules of the night go something like this. Everyone selects one gift they have received but they are not keen on; re-wrap it and bring it to the party. Gifts go into a pile and they are redistributed along with stories of where these items came from and plenty of giggles.

snowman on the beach

Summer Christmas parties

Turn your Christmas party on its head and insist on a summer theme for your party – Santa bikini tops, snowmen in sunglasses. See who can get most creative with costumes and decorations. Whatever happens, you certainly won’t be as sweaty as you would have been in an ugly Christmas sweater!

Candy cane party

The candy cane lends itself to so many opportunities for a themed party. From costumes to food and drinks and even decorations, go striped this Christmas for a dizzying festive gathering this year.

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