Bringing our pets to work is still a relatively new concept in Malta. Although the trend is gradually being accepted, the general view is still very sceptical. Why should we bring our pets to the office?


One of the main reasons is peace of mind. We both suffer from separation anxiety (owners more than pets I would say) and bringing our pets with us to the office would alleviate this problem. Nowadays, more and more of us are adopting pets from kennels rather than buying a pet. This helps to reduce the problem of strays. However, no matter how lovely kennel pets are, they usually come with a package from their past lives. One such package is separation anxiety.

Bringing our pets to work will put our mind at rest that our pet is not left all alone at home waiting for us to return. When we leave a pet at home alone, he does not know how to calculate how long we have been away, and six hours seems forever to him. Some of them are under the impression that we are abandoning them especially if they have left behind a
sad history of events.

In return, our faithful friends will pay us back tenfold as they integrate with our office buddies, play and generally put people in a better mood. They are uncomplicated love.

Here, at Yobetit, we have three cute and faithful Jack Russel terriers – Skeeve, Lily and Peppa. They make the workplace feel more like a family when they’re around.

Apart from being fantastic company, their sweetness makes us happy. Having a pet-friendly environment reduces stress and lightens the atmosphere, making workers feel more satisfied with their jobs. This in turn increases productivity. When one finds himself in a bad mood or is very busy at work, stroking a pet or talking to a pet is the perfect remedy for this stress and anxiety.

Although the initial reaction might be negative when we suggest bringing our pets to work, when we actually do so, the pets are inundated with love from most of the staff. Having pets in the office is not only limited to small pets. A large dog is as appealing and as comforting as a small dog – as long as he is well trained.

Having our pets with us in the office is a win-win situation. It will make the pets happier being surrounded by their owners and other people. The pets, in turn, contribute to making the workplace a less stressful, happier, and ultimately more productive environment for us all.



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