Post summer detox for the skin

Although the summer still has a while to go, it is time to start thinking about it drawing to an end, and after a summer of indulgence and fun, it is time to detox.

After summer detox is something everyone is starting to think about this time of the year. Those waistbands are starting to get a little tight from a summer of too much ice cream, too many barbecues, too much wine and too much indulgence all around. However it is not only your waistline that is under pressure from too many fun days in the sun. Your skin is just as tired!

The stress of travel, changes in diet, and prolonged exposure to air conditioning, sun and chemicals can cause havoc on your skin. While sunscreen is great for protecting skin from harmful UV rays, it can clog your pores. If your pores are clogged, not only are they unable to properly absorb any skin care you may use, but they cannot expel the toxins and oils they have been processing. This can aggravate pre-existing conditions or make oily skin oilier, dry skin drier and accelerate aging.

It is vital to care for the skin all year round. Summer sun and fun can take its toll on the skin and when the hot humid days come to an end, your skin needs extra attention. One of the most important times is the change from summer to winter. Here are a few tips to get your skin back into the shape it was pre-summer fun!


Towards the end of the summer, start using a gentle exfoliating cleanser about three times a week. You’ll want to exfoliate the dead skin cells that trap oil and work as a barrier from moisturisers to penetrate into the skin.

Make up 

Darker foundations are not going to look natural in the winter months. This too must change along with your wardrobe. This doesn’t mean that you have to look pale and lifeless. Add some warmer colours to your palette. Such as browns, dark purples and grey.

Hand care 

If your hands are looking creased and weathered with visible brown age spots, find a moisturiser that contains fruit — the emollients will help your hands feel softer, and the fruit acids target repair by gently exfoliating to reveal new cells.

Foot care 

If you’ve gone barefoot for months, but now your feet are dry and cracked. Soak feet in warm water. Use a pumice stone to eliminate rough skin. Gently pat feet dry; apply a creamy moisturiser. This is best done at bedtime and if you’re really want to see a difference, wear cotton socks over the cream and sleep that way.

Dry skin 

If your body feels itchy and dry under clothing, apply a thick moisturiser that contains vitamin E. This is very hydrating and soothes any excessive dryness.


If your lips feel dry exfoliate your with a soft old toothbrush. Circular movements will not only eliminate any dry skin but will make your lips feel softer and will give you the natural free pout we all want.

Diandra’s picks

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Dr Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream 

This intensive heel repair cream removes unsightly cracks from dry heels that can become painful if left untreated. Thinner than most creams and pretty greasy, this gets absorbed well and the strong moisturising ingredients penetrate well to leave your feet feeling silky smooth and crack free.

Mavala Mava Extreme Care For Hands

External factors such as the sun, cold, wind, use of solvents and detergents all can have damaging effects on the hands causing them to become very dry and stressed. This cream is an intense repairing and hydrating treatment formulated with chamomile and vitamin E to reduce redness and soothe skin and Shea butter to nourish, smooth and repair. From the very first application, this treatment calms, softens and soothes hands giving immediate and long lasting benefits.

Diandra Mattei