The Realities of Pastel Coloured Hair

If you are planning or thinking about drastically changing your hair colour to follow the trend of pastel coloured hair, well done! The first thing you need to do is decide what style you’re going to get; are you going to dye it all one colour, ombre, balyage? And so many colour options; blue? Pink? Purple? Multicoloured? We can’t deny the fact that whatever your choice it’s going to look amazing, after all it is not trending for nothing, but be warned… you are in for a very long and expensive ride, so are you sure you’re up for it? We’re here to help you decide.


Given that the process of bleaching and processing is quite strenuous on your hair, this is one thing you do not want to mess up, so choosing a professional hairdresser that knows what they are doing is your number one priority. You get what you pay for and good service comes at a hefty price, so get your bank account ready, this isn’t going to be a cheap one.


To obtain the pastel coloured hair, an intense bleaching process that will turn your hair into a white canvas ready to be painted over will be necessary. This may cause thinning of hair and split ends and will require you to change your hair styling routine to one that includes close to zero heat if you want to keep it healthy. Since colour strips significantly in water and heat, you will also probably want to wash it less often with lukewarm water.


Getting your hair done at the hairdresser is a very big part of the process, but the after-care is just as essential if not more. Maintaining the hair colour will be a tough but highly rewarding job as it while the colour fades quickly, you can change up the colours with toners on a weekly basis to spice up your hair colour game. Also be prepared for the fact that your hair will never look the same two days in a row as you will never apply colour toner in the exact same way, so the intensity of the colour is bound to change- whether this is good or bad is completely up to your perception.

So to cut a long story short, get ready to become best buds with your dry shampoo and find new ways of how you can style your hair without using any heat. Pastel coloured hair is not for the low maintenance beauty lover, as the strict regimen needed to maintain a vibrant colour and healthy glow requires time, patience and a lot of cash. If after reading this, you are not discouraged in the least, we congratulate you; you are ready to jump on the pastel bandwagon, so call your trusted hair dresser, set up an appointment and make sure that when you got it, you flaunt it!