Even if they hadn’t won the Best Band and the Best Song categories at the 2014 Malta Music Awards or any of the 8 awards they received before that, Red Electrick’s commitment towards making quality music remains undisputed. At the core of the popular songs that have made them a household name is a band with a genuine love of music. Theirs is a sound collectively influenced by both the bluesy swagger of 70s rock and a more contemporary lilt that flaunts as much groove as it does grit, all delivered with an encompassing ray of Mediterranean sunshine, that probably explains the upbeat feeling their music effortlessly projects.

Red Electrick vida magazine malta 2018
  • How did the band come together? And how did you all know you wanted to work with one another?
    The band came together at the secondary school we all attended. We used to jam during school breaks, perform at school events and we also participated in Battle of the Bands in sixth form… in different bands, however. We went to university and things just took off from there. We all felt that we had a similar passion and love for music. We felt that we understood each other in terms of the joys and struggles we faced as teens so it just felt like the right thing to do at the time.
  • What’s the significance of the band name?
    When we started out, we were quite a heavy rock band. So the term ‘electrick’ represents the heavy use of electric guitars, particularly in our first album. The term ‘red’ had no significance when we chose it, but nowadays we like to say that it represents the main colour of our national flag. The ‘K’ at the end of ‘electrick’ was simply because we wanted to add a twist to our name, so it felt like a good idea at the time… we were 18!
Red Electrick vida magazine malta 2018
  • Could you explain what Red Electrick stands for musically?
    We have always been a band that produced music we like to listen to. We never tried to copy what’s on the radio, or what’s selling at that given moment. Yes, we were always subconsciously influenced by what was on the radio, because you are always exposed to music people are listening to, and yes, our music tends to be inspired by what people are listening to as well. We do genuinely like pop music though, so we would say our style is pop with band arrangements.
  • How do you guys think you have grown as artists since the release of your first album?
    We’ve grown just like any other artist who wants to grow and who wants to stay relevant. It’s a natural process – you can’t plan it and you can’t force it. It happens to those who genuinely want to be better, who genuinely want to stay relevant, and who also want to stay active at the end of the day. The second an artist gets comfortable and stops wanting to improve, is the second they will stop seeing results. That’s our theory, anyways!
  • You’ve released a new single called City Lights. What’s the story behind this song?
    “Sometimes, goodbye means hello, it’s fine to let it go, sometimes.” The song is basically about the fact that in life, something bad can happen to you, but it can also be the start of something even better. In Maltese we have an expression, which is “Jinghalaqlek bieb, u jinfethulek mija”. It could be about anything from a break up from a loved one to a fall out with a dear friend. It’s a message to always remember that when your intentions are good with the people around you, the universe will always point good things your way.
  • When should we expect another full album?
Red Electrick vida magazine malta 2018
  • What is the creative process like when writing a song?
    There has never been a formula with us! However, during the past 10 months, we have been writing as a band and it really took us back to the days when we started out, writing together in the rehearsal room. It’s amazing, and probably the best part of being in a band… getting in a room, jamming, and writing music. We all bring ideas to the table as individuals and then we work them out together. Not everyone in the band is naturally inclined towards being a writer, however, by means of this process, we are pushing each other to be better writers, and this is what creates a feeling of everyone owning the songs. That is what being in a band is all about.
  • Do you look to any specific artists, songs or albums for inspiration when making music? Who are your musical influences overall?
    Yes, but most of the time it’s to reference a snare drum sound or something of the sort. When it comes to writing, as we said earlier, we do get influenced subconsciously by what is on the radio. In general, however, we write music we like to listen back to in the car when it is done.
  • What is your favourite song to perform live?
    G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S at the moment is killing it each time. It is such a fun song to play and people love it. We also noticed that young kids enjoy it, too – five to ten year olds. The funny thing is that some of the fans who have been with us since the beginning are now parents and are bringing their kids to the shows. Our audience demographic has never been as broad as it is today.
  • Any future collaborations we should be expecting?
    We’re always looking to collaborate with other artists just because it’s generally a super fun process. Next year, we have quite a few collaborations up our sleeves and not only during our concerts, but possibly also in a song or two.
  • What does the next year look like for you guys?
    Album, annual concert, and another two projects, which we cannot mention because the way we announce things is all part of the fun. 2018 was a really good year, thankfully, and 2019 is looking to be another full one.