Teachers are there to help us, and they deserve our respect. KAYLEIGH CASSAR, events officer within The Third Eye at the University of Malta, speaks about how the lack of respect towards teachers is not just morally wrong, it’s also sabotaging the education system.

These days, we are living in a world where education is a must-have for almost any job on the face of the planet. Education is immensely valued in our society and thanks to the educators that grace our schools, we acquire it. Quality education has to be a staple for everyone and this can only be achieved by showing the necessary respect towards educators and those trying to do their best to make education that much more refined.
Unfortunately, this respect has been somewhat nonexistent as educators of our country have been going on strike for reasons that to some may appear trivial, yet they are anything but. Teachers are the pillar of our society. It is as simple as that. Without teachers, nobody would have the career they do now, and none of us would have been able to get as far as we have. So why are members of society turning a deaf ear to teachers’


The latest debacle has caused teachers to strike due to their warrants being taken away from them. Even though this proposal has been revoked and the strike cancelled, it still does not make it any easier for educators to stop worrying about the permanence of their warrants. This is one of the many issues that teachers face today. Instead of being appreciated, they are disparaged. Another issue was that of salary. According to an article
written by the Times of Malta back in January 2018, teachers would have an increase in their salary by the end of this year. Some will bring more home, depending on how long they have been teaching. While this is a huge step forward for educators, people still do not
understand why teachers complain about their salary. It should be understood that for teachers to do the best they can for the children in their class, they often have to provide them with materials that they have paid for themselves.

When asking current students at the University of Malta who are on their way to becoming teachers about what they have to go through as student teachers while doing their teaching practice, I was surprised by the amount of issues they had to deal with. One of them being the lack of respect they seem to get from parents especially those in a higher ranked profession. One student said that these parents act as if they know better than you,
and most of the time, think that you are unqualified to teach. A lot of people believe that the job of a teacher stops when the teacher leaves the school, but in actual fact, the teacher goes home to plan what needs to be done according to the students’ needs. Another not-so attractive feature about the job is that teachers cannot simply decide when to book a day off or plan a holiday. To do this, as well as to attend to other personal needs,
they must wait until the school holidays. As more and more problems arise for up and coming teachers, less students want to read for a degree in teaching. The reason behind this is that nobody wants to go through all that trouble just to graduate and get a job. So why do students keep applying for a degree in teaching? The satisfaction of knowing you made a difference in someone’s life. That is what makes it worth all the trouble teachers have to go through.

What many fail to see is the fact that for our children to be properly educated, the necessary people have to be in charge of said education. Philanthropist and revolutionary Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change
the world”, so imagine what can be done if teachers would be doing their work with no interruptions from the higher ups and parents who think they know more. Imagine what can be done if there are no proposals that might threaten teachers’ warrants.
All this can be done if only we would be willing to lend a hand and give the necessary support our educators need.


Sasha Shumarayeva