A novel culinary concept is rolling onto the island on four wheels, with ethical and healthy
dishes prepared by women that hail from various countries around the world. By employing migrant women of different nationalities, SAHA!’s food truck will offer a diverse range of authentic dishes that reflect the various nationalities of these women.


SAHA! food truck project, created by Migrant Women Association Malta

The SAHA! food truck project, created by Migrant Women Association Malta, aims to integrate and empower migrant women living in Malta through self-employment. The project’s potential for impact was recognised at the 2017 Malta Social Impact Awards, where it was awarded a total of €16,600 in funding through the Audience Participation Award, the Zaar Crowdfunding Campaign, and Core Platform & Committee Contribution. The Malta Social Impact Awards, a collaboration between Inspirasia Foundation and the Gasan Foundation, brings businesses and philanthropists together to support changemakers to develop and materialise exceptional projects that will have a positive social impact on Malta.

“We are very happy about the positive reaction we received from the Maltese community,” Umayma Elamin, President and Founder of Migrant Women Association Malta said. “This project will really help migrant women in Malta”.

SAHA! food truck project, created by Migrant Women Association Malta

After months of hard work, the SAHA! project is in the final stages of preparation, with plans to launch the food truck in the coming months. The project hopes to employ as many as 40 migrant women as chefs in the future – who will also work on creating SAHA!’s diverse menu – as well as a food truck manager. Several applications have already been received from women of various nationalities, including Moroccan, Algerian, Afghan, Egyptian, Eritrean and Somalian, to name a few.

“We would like to encourage women of all nationalities to be part of this project” Umayma explains.

Keep an eye out for SAHA!’s scrumptious meals that are heading our way soon.

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