From uber-thin to thick-set, eyebrow shape has always been something women throughout history have battled with. Making them thinner, thicker, more downturned, more angular as trends dictate throughout the years. Our sisters of yesteryear had to make do with tweezers and an eyebrow pencil. We are lucky enough to have more technologically-advanced tools at our disposal.

This means that perfect eyebrows are not reserved solely for Hollywood stars. They are sought after by everyone. The latest trend in the quest for perfect eyebrows is the technique called microstroking, also known as microblading or eyebrow embroidery.

Angular eyebrows, eyebrow shaping, microblading, microstroking, eyebrow embroidery
Angular Eyebrow

Microstroking / Microblading

Microstroking is an advanced, increasingly popular semi-permanent technique.  It uses a superfine row of needles to create fine crisp strokes. These actually mimic natural hair growth and last up to a year and a half.

This technique is quite similar to the hair stroke cosmetic tattoo using the machine method. However, in this case, the strokes are finer and the pigment is not implanted as deeply into the skin.

From start to finish, the procedure takes about two hours. This includes the time it takes to design the eyebrow shape with a pencil, numbing the skin, and the microstroking itself. Most people experience slight to no discomfort. Some say that the sensation is similar to getting your eyebrows plucked. If all precautions are taken there is close to no pain at all.

Microblading, eyebrow shaping, needle, gloves, hairnet


Having this visible on your face is all the more reason to be sure that your artist is qualified and has been professionally trained.

If the person doing the microstroking is not properly trained they could cut too deep or skip important sterilization steps, potentially causing an infection. Minimal bleeding is a possibility with microstroking. Therefore, there is a chance of disease transmission when an untrained person performs procedures without proper attention to cross-contamination prevention. When you search for your permanent makeup technician, make sure to look at their social media gallery or website for microblading before and after pictures.

Make sure you like their personal style. Every artist has their own style. Some artists have a preference towards the natural look and others prefer a more dramatic appearance.


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