Ladies Rejoice! Shaving on a Daily Basis is not a Necessity


To shave or not to shave? A question which has burdened women every since body hair was deemed unattractive and having silky smooth legs became the trend that keeps tormenting our daily schedule up to this very day. Needless to say, shaving your legs is one of life’s mundane activities, and while many have managed to relieve such a burden on to someone else at a costly price through waxing and laser, many prefer to go the more traditional route and use a razor.

I myself am one who abhors having to go through such a process every few days. In fact, I live for the cold winter days where I can just let my leg hair grow and hide it behind dark tights and long jeans; however, in summer it is not as easily avoidable as with hot temperatures and short clothes come the dreaded moment of having to expose your legs for all to see. Well at least, if a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, here’s some ways on how you can do it more easily and efficiently.

Don’t skip the shaving cream

Shaving cream

The penny-pincher side of every person will probably tell them that spending money on a shaving cream when they can easily substitute with soap or conditioner is a waste of money. It’s not. When shaving your legs, shaving cream is a necessity as it helps the razor glide over the skin and remove the hair it has softened. When you substitute with soap, the skin will have a tendency to dry or flake and the chance of clogging up your razor, making it impossible to reuse, is highly possible.

Added bonus: razors with built in shaving foam do exist, so if you do not mind the slightly higher price tag, convenience is just a shop away.

Shave against the grain

Shaving against grain

Shaving in the direction of the way your hair grows (from your ankle to your knee) will not only prevent razor burn, but will also pick up more hair. It might feel a little weird at first, but if your end goal is ultimately to avoid shaving as much as possible then you need to listen up. Contrary to popular belief, one quick swoop from your ankle to your knee will not get the job done in the best possible way. Keeping your movements short and sweet will take off more hair, making your shave last longer.

You deserve only the best


The more blades a razor has, the better the chance of getting the hairs from their roots. Once you have found the perfect razor for you, make sure to replace it on a regular basis, not just for hygienic reasons, but also to ensure that the performance of your razor is always up to speed. While cheap razors might have their benefit in being so affordable, they come at a price; razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs are all common effects of low quality razors.



Scrubbing and exfoliating your legs before the shaving process is about to start helps the little suckers completely emerge from their follicle in preparation of getting cut off from their life line. This means that the growth cycle of your hair will be in sync, you will remove all hair at one go, and your skin will stay smoother for longer. The cleaner the skin, the closer the shave, and that is the ultimate leg shaving dream, is it not ladies?