Unless you’ve been completely isolated from the world, you have probably noticed the rise of the digital SLR camera trend. Point-and-shoot just doesn’t cut it anymore. We want all the bells and whistles, we want to look and be different. Photos are the keepers of our precious memories. With technology being so accessible these days, it’s time to step up our photography game. But DSLR cameras are big, bulky and heavy. What if there was a smaller, lighter camera, with all the benefits of a DSLR?

Meet our new love affair: Micro Four Thirds. A micro four thirds camera is the perfect compromise between the two worlds. You have a compact, lighter camera, but you can exchange lenses like an SLR and take breathtaking photos with manual controls.

micro four thirds

Good photography is all about being in the moment and having a way to record and share it. To do that, quickly and less painfully, a lot of people started testing Micro Four Thirds cameras. They are smaller, lighter and more mobile, have wireless capabilities, look less conspicuous, and don’t kill your back and neck. Best of all, they allow the photographer to fly under the radar and avoid certain restrictions or questioning.

You aren’t compromising with features either with Micro Four Thirds. Expect to see in-camera image stabilization, touch-screen LCDs, 4K video, 4K photo mode, post-focus, focus stacking, panorama mode, silent shutter, wireless uploads and many other great new features for all of us camera enthusiasts.

Other advantages of the Micro Four Thirds include

  • Greatly increased sensor size (5–9 times larger area) gives much better image quality (e.g. low light performance and greater dynamic range, with reduced noise)
  • Interchangeable lenses allow more optical choices including niche, legacy, and future lenses
  • The smaller sensor size gives deeper depth-of-field for the same equivalent field of view and aperture, this can be desirable in some situations, such as landscape and macro shooting
  • Viewfinders can be used when filming videos, in continuous mode the smaller sensor can be cooled better to avoid the increase of image noise

micro four thirds camera

The Micro Four Thirds is a user friendly and powerful camera that straddles the line between a compact / bridge camera and a DSLR without any noticeable deficiencies on either side. For that reason, a Micro Four Thirds camera is one of the best choices for someone who is new to photography but wants to take top notch photos and progress towards a more professional shot. The full manual controls and ability to exchange lenses ensure tons of innovative possibilities and overall utility.

In the end, photographs are about telling stories, not about cameras. Whether you’re using a full frame DSLR, a Micro Four Thirds or simply using your mobile phone, try to tell a story. Capture a moment. See the world through your lens, whatever form that takes.

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