Overflowing Christmas stockings were always a sight for sore eyes when we were younger. It meant a treasure trove of chocolate that should theoretically last us for months (even though we all know that they merely lasted three days). Now that the tables have turned, we eye stockings with dismay; filling them up with creative, small, inexpensive presents can be a real headache. Here at VIDA, we put on our thinking caps to come up with some stocker filler ideas (no, not chocolate) for all of you that are feeling the pressure.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

wine bottle and corkscrews

We’ve all been through the annoying situation of having a half full open bottle of wine and no idea how to seal it. This normally leads to wasting (or drinking) way more wine than we should, bringing about some nasty, unwanted headaches the day after. This is why wine bottle stoppers are infinitely useful. They’re small and generally cheap, which is why they top our list as an ideal stocking filler. There is a wide range you can choose from, including personalised ones, which means you can really get creative and personal with your gift.

Mini Emergency Kit

There are a number of random things you can be in need of during a typical morning or night. Thread and needle, because your button fell off; breath freshener because you have bad morning breath; plasters for your sore feet during a night of partying. All of these are essential, but you rarely carry them around with you. This is where mini emergency kits come in handy. They’re compact enough to fit in any bag and allow you to have what you need at a moment’s notice. You can opt to buy ready-made mini emergency kits, but it is probably cheaper and more thoughtful if you bought a cute small bag and put in specific items you know the person would need.

Charging Bracelet

Charging your phone is the number one first world problem of the 21st century. We’ve evolved from bulky chargers to portable chargers and now to charging bracelets. Charging bracelets are not only cool and stylish to wear, they’re also super useful when your phone is on the brink of dying out on you and needs a quick pick-me-up. Most charging bracelets are affordable and can charge phones up to 60%.

Pocket Books

pocket books on a shelf

No one can deny the fact that tablets and e-readers have become extremely popular devices to read from.  However, technological devices can neither trump the feeling a physical book in your hand has, nor beat that distinctive smell of new books. Pocket books are a good compromise; they’re compact enough to be carried around in a pocket, but their miniature stature does not detract from the joyous feeling of holding an actual book. Penguin books have an entire range of pocket book classics which would make for great stocker fillers. Alternatively, keep to the Christmas spirit by opting for a Christmas-themed pocket book.

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