Ever felt a little useless? That your life isn’t amounting to much? That all your efforts seem to go unnoticed and that the world seems to be conspiring against you? If that’s the case, VIDA has found your silver lining. Many successful people had quite the bad starting point to their lives/careers. Ranging from high school or college drop outs to broken families and constant job instability, take a look at our complied list of successful failures:


  • Albert Einstein

Yes, Einstein dropped out of his school in Munich at the tender age of 15. He felt very strongly against the teaching methods in practice at his time. With instruction being strictly objective, there was no room for questioning and creative thinking; this was how Einstein’s brilliance could manifest itself. Eventually he enrolled in other schools and universities where liberal thinking and individual study was encouraged, such as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Despite graduating with good grades, Einstein still didn’t find immediate employment in his field. When he did, he had many a failed expirement. His setbacks clearly did not discourage him. He is now revered as one of the greatest geniuses of all time!


  • J.K. Rowling.

Describing herself as the ‘biggest failure she knew’, J.K. Rowling often speaks about the number of setbacks in her career. Going through a grieving depression following her mother’s death, she relocated to Portugal to focus on her first Harry Potter book. Rowling raised her child as a single mother on scanty unemployment benefits, working in cafes whilst her daughter was asleep. As if this was not enough, her initial chapters were rejected by 12 publishers before an editor’s daughter liked her work. Giving up was not an option for her, she was adamant on doing what she loves best – writing. Today, after years of perseverance, the Harry Potter Series has been translated to 73 languages and has sold millions of copies!


  • Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zucherberg made very particular use of his Harvard dorm room. Not the standard and sometimes illicit kind of activities that many American college dorm rooms are notorious for. Originally, Facebook was created as an internal platform between Harvard students; however, in no time, it spread to other colleges within the United States. Mark soon decided to walk his college corridors one last time and relocate to a better and more spacious office in Palo Alto in California. Risky as it may be, dropping out of Harvard was surely not a mistake; Mark became the youngest billionaire with a net worth of $71.5 billion in 2017.


  • Maisie Williams

Best known as Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, few people know that she dropped out of school at age 14 to pursue her acting career. That’s right, she didn’t even make it to her GCSEs, the equivalent to our O’levels. Her parents completely support her decision to pursue acting, having landed this amazing job at just the age of 12! How many 12 year olds get the opportunity to star in an infamous series and travel the world simultaneously? In fact, Maisie herself says that eventually she plans to sit for her GCSEs but that isn’t her priority for now.